French World Languages Department

French A.A.

Associate in Arts Degree, French

Transfer Preparation (Major Code: 01410)

First Semester

FREN 101 Elementary French I 5

Second Semester

FREN 102 Elementary French II 5

Third Semester

FREN 220 Intermediate French I 5

Fourth Semester

FREN 230 Intermediate French II 5

Total units 20

To earn an associate degree, additional general education and graduation requirements must be completed. See page 40. * Students planning to transfer to a four-year college or university should complete courses specific to the transfer institution of choice. University requirements vary from institution to institution and are subject to change. Therefore, it is important to verify transfer major preparation and general education requirements through consultation with a counselor in either the Counseling Center or Transfer Center. see catalog trAnsFer courses inFormAtion section on page 28 for further information.