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Sales & Marketing Management
Periodicals Jan'96-Sep'01

San Diego Business Journal
Periodicals Current 2 Years

San Diego Economic Bulletin
Periodicals (May'75-Sum'97)

San Diego Home/Garden
Periodicals Oct'79-Oct'93

San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles
Periodicals Nov'93-Date

San Diego Magazine
Periodicals Jan'80-Date

San Diego Union Index, Microfiche
Microfiche 1851-1860 Microfiche 1868-1902
Microfiche 1930-1975 Microfiche 1977-1980

San Diego Union Tribune
Periodicals Current 3 Months
Microfilm 1970-Date

Saturday Evening Post
Periodicals Jan'02-Mar/Apr'05
Bound Storage - 24 Hour 1961-2001

Saturday Review
Periodicals Apr'83-Jun'86
Bound Storage - 24 Hour Jan'60-Jun'82

Saturday Review World
Bound Storage - 24 Hour Sep'73-Sep'74

Scholastic Update
Now: New York Times Upfront
Microfilm Jan'83-Apr'99

School & Society
Microfilm Jan'60-Sum'72

School Arts
Periodicals Sep'78-May'93

School Shop
Periodicals Feb'78-May'92

Periodicals Apr'02-Oct'08
Periodicals Bound - Jan'59-Mar'02

Science (Year of Publication)
Periodicals Jan'80-Aug'86

Science Books & Films
Periodicals Jan'85-Date

Science Digest (Ceased)
Microfilm Jan'60-Dec'88

Science Fiction Studies
Periodicals Mar'76-Nov'83

Science News
Periodicals Current Year
Microfilm Jan'60-Dec'03

Periodicals Sep'78-Apr'84

Scientific American
Periodicals Mar'02-Date
Bound Storage - 24 Hour 1957-Dec'01

Scientist, The
Periodicals (Jan'01-Dec'01)

Sculpture (Ceased)
Periodicals Jan'87-Jun'90

Periodicals Jan'89-Jan'93

Sea Frontiers (Ceased)
Periodicals Jan'85-Spr'96

Selecciones del Reader's Digest
Periodicals Jan'80-Mar'07

Senior Scholastic
Microfilm Sep'70-Dec'83

Periodicals Jan'80-Nov'00

Periodicals Spr'80-Spr'01

Now: Taiwan Panorama
Periodicals (Jan'86-Jan'06)

Microfiche (Vol.#1 - Vol.#5)

Skeptical Inquirer
Periodicals Wtr'86/87-Nov'03

Periodicals Oct'90-Feb'01

Skin Diver
Periodicals Jan'85-Nov'93

Sky & Telescope
Periodicals Jan'01-Date
Microfilm Nov'59-Dec'00

Smart Business (Ceased)
Formerly: PC Computing

Periodicals Jan'80-Jul'04

Periodicals Jan'90-Jan'96

Social Forces
Periodicals Mar'80-Jun'01

Social Issues Resources Series
Microfiche 1978-1983

Social Problems
Periodicals Feb'80-Date

Social Science & Humanities Index
Bound Storage - 24 Hour 1965-Mar'74

Social Science Index
Second Floor Storage Apr'74-1998

Social Science Quarterly
Periodicals Mar'80-Sep'84

Periodicals Jan/Feb'90-Jan/Feb'02

Society for Advancement of Management Journal
See: Advanced Management Journal

Sociology of Education
Microfiche Jan'94-Oct'07
Periodicals Jan'80-Jan'94

Sound & Vision
Formerly: Stereo Reviews Sound & Vision
Periodicals Feb'01-Date

Southern California Academy of Sciences Bulletin
See: Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Southwestern Sun
Periodicals 2000-Date
Archives Room - Bound Sep'77-May'00

Space World (Ceased)
Periodicals Jan'80-Dec'88

Sports Illustrated
Periodicals Mar'04-Date
Microfilm Jan'76-Dec'03

Star News
Periodicals Current Issues
Microfilm Jan'77-Jun'08

Periodicals Jan'90-Mar'01

Studies in Short Fiction
Periodicals Wtr'92-Fall'99

Sun, Southwestern College
SEE: Southwestern Sun

Periodicals Jan'90-Dec'03

Superfund Week
Periodicals (Apr'96-Dec'00)

Periodicals Jan'80-Apr'01

Supervisory Management
Periodicals Jan'89-Feb'96

Surgical Technologist
Periodicals Jan'85-Apr'07

Survey of Current Business
Periodicals Jan'80-Dec'05
Reference Collection Current 2 Years


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