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Pacific Affairs
Periodicals Spr'74-Spr'02

Pacific Discovery
Periodicals Jan'78-Sum'93

Pacific Historical Review
Microfilm 1960-Nov'06

Pacific Horticulture
Periodicals Spr'85-Wnt'03

Parents Magazine
Periodicals Jan'04-Date
Microfilm Jan'70-Dec'03

Paris Review
Periodicals Fall'62-Fall'85

Parks and Recreation
Periodicals Jan'85-Feb'01

Partisan Review
Periodicals #1'80-Fall'00

PC Magazine
Periodicals Jan'98-Date

PC World
Periodicals Jan'00-Date

Periodicals Jan'89-Date

People en Espanol
Periodicals Dec/Jan'00-Date

Periodicals Jan'85-Oct'91

Personnel Journal
Now: Workforce
Periodicals Jan'80-Dec'96

Perspectives in Psychiatric Care
Periodicals 1985-Jan'04

Petersen's Photographic
Periodicals Jan'00-Date

Phi Delta Kappan
Periodicals Nov'59-Date

Physician and Sports Medicine
Periodicals Jan'00-Apr'05

Physics Teacher
Periodicals Jan'79-Jan'96

Physics Today
Periodicals (Jan'00-May'06)

PMLA, Modern Language Association Publication
Bound Storage - 24 Hour 1958-1981
Microfilm 1963-1969

PNAS (Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America)
Periodicals (Aug 7'00-Feb 17'04)

Periodicals Jan'89-Aug'91

Police Chief
Periodicals May'95-July'07

Political Research Quarterly
Periodicals Mar'93-Jun'01

Political Science Quarterly
Microfilm Mar'60-Wtr'04

Poptronics (Ceased)
Periodicals Jan'00-Jan'03

Popular Mechanics
Periodicals Jan'00-Date

Popular Photography
Periodicals May'08-Date

Popular Science
Periodicals Jan'78-Date

Population & Vital Statistics
See: United Nations Report

Practical Lawyer
Periodicals (1980-1996)

Practical Tax Strategies
Formerly: Taxation for Accountants
Periodicals Nov'98-Jan'02

Prehospital Emergency Care
Otay Mesa Library Jan'07-Date
Periodicals Room Jan'00-Oct'06

Presidency, The
Periodicals Room Spr'98-Wtr'04

Periodicals (Jun'89-Jan'04)

Periodicals Jan'90-Jan'04

Private Pilot
Periodicals Jan'90-Aug'02

Professional Safety
Periodicals (Sep'97-Apr'99)

Periodicals Jan'74-Jan'04

Progressive Architecture (Ceased)
Periodicals Jan'67-Dec'95
Bound Storage - 24 Hour 1962-1966
Bound Storage - 24 Hour Jan'68-Jun'68

Psychological Abstracts
Bound Storage - 24 Hour Feb'63-Dec'83

Psychological Bulletin
Periodicals Jan'80-Jan'09

Psychological Review
Periodicals Jan'80-Jan'09

Psychology Today
Periodicals Sep'96-Date
Microfilm May'67-Dec'89

Public Administration Review
Microfiche Jan'97-Dec'04
Periodicals Mar/Apr'80-Nov/Dec'96

Public Opinion Quarterly
Periodicals Spr'92-Date

Public Personnel Management
Periodicals Jan/Feb'80-Wtr'02

Publishers Weekly
Periodicals Jan'90-Date


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