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Periodicals Jan'04-Sep'04
Microfilm 1960-Dec'03
Bound Storage - 24 Hour 1970-Jun'78

National Forum
Periodicals (Wtr'78-Sum'98)

National Geographic
Periodicals Jan'02-Date
Periodicals-Bound 1913-Dec'01

National Geographic Research
Periodicals Wtr'85-Aut'90

National Geographic Research and Exploration
Periodicals Wtr'91-Sum'94

National Parks
Periodicals Jan'81-Spr'04

National Review
Periodicals Jan'71-Date
Bound Storage - 24 Hour 1964-1970

National Teaching & Learning Forum
Periodicals Vol.6,#4-Mar'02

National Wetlands Newsletter
Periodicals (Mar'97-Mar'00)

National Wildlife
Periodicals Apr'89-May'06

Nation's Business
Periodicals Jan'68-Jun'99
Bound Storage - 24 Hour 1962-1966
Microfilm 1960-1967

Nation's Health
Periodicals (Jul'98-Dec'07)

Natural History
Periodicals Feb'02-Apr'04
Bound Storage - 24 Hour 1962-Jan'02

Periodicals Jan 7, 1999 - Apr. 30,2009

Nature Biotechnology
Periodicals Jan'99-Mar'04

Nature Cell Biology
Periodicals (Jul'00 - Oct'03)

Nature Genetics
Periodicals (Jan'99 - Feb'04)

Nature Medicine
Periodicals (Jan'99-Oct'03)

Nature Neuroscience
Periodicals (Jan'99-Oct'03)

NEA Today
Periodicals Sep'88-Oct'01

Negro History Bulletin
Periodicals Oct'61-Jun'87

New Choices for Retirement Living
Periodicals Feb'92-Nov'95

New Choices for the Best Years
Periodicals Dec'88-Dec'91

New Directions for Community Colleges
Book Stacks LB 2328 N4 1973-Date

New England Journal of Medicine
Otay Mesa Library Jan'07-Date
Periodicals Jan'90-Dec'06

New Leader
Periodicals Jan'81-Apr'06

New Mobility
Periodicals (Fall'92-Date)

New Republic
Periodicals Jan'02-Feb'04
Bound Storage - 24 Hour 1962-Dec'01

New Scientist
Periodicals (Apr'99-Dec'00)

New Statesman
Microfiche Jan'01-Dec'04
Microfilm Jun'96-Dec'00
Microfilm Jan'60-Jun'88

New Statesman and Society
Microfilm Jun'88-Jun'96

New York Review of Books
Periodicals Room Feb'82-Feb'04
Microfiche Jul'71-Jan'82

New York Times
Microfilm 1960-2004

New York Times Index
Second Floor Storage 1960-Jan'96

New York Times Magazine
Microfilm 1960-2004

New York Times Upfront
Scholastic Update
Microfilm May'99-May'05

New Yorker
Periodicals Feb'02-Date
Bound Volume Stacks Aug'49-1966
Microfilm Feb'62-Feb'02

Microfiche 1979-1998

Periodicals Apr'02-Date
Periodicals-Bound 1961-Mar'02

NFPA Journal
Otay Mesa Library Jan/Feb'07-Date
Periodicals Nov/Dec'05-Nov/Dec'06

Nurse Educator
Otay Mesa Library Jan/Feb'07-Date
Periodicals Nov/Dec'90-Nov/Dec'06

Nurse Practitioner
Periodicals (Oct'97-Aug'98)

Otay Mesa Library Jan/Feb'07-Date
Periodicals Jan'87-Dec'06

Nursing and Health Care
Periodicals Nov'90-Jun'93

Nursing Forum
Periodicals 1990-Mar'93

Nursing Management
Periodicals Jan'90-Feb'07

Nursing Outlook
Otay Mesa Library Jan/Feb'07-Date
Periodicals Jan'02-Dec'06
Bound Storage - 24 Hour 1954-Dec'01

Nursing Research
Periodicals Jan/Feb'85-Jun'92

Nursing Times
Microfilm 1974-1975

Nutrition Reviews
Periodicals Jan'80-Dec'03

Nutrition Today
Otay Mesa Library Jan/Feb'07-Date
Periodicals 1988-Dec'05
Periodicals 1979,80,82,84,85, 1988-2006
Bound Storage - 24 Hour 1966-Dec'87


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