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Periodicals Jan'82-Mar'04

Periodicals Jan'95-Jan'04

Magazine Antiques, The
See Antiques

Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction
SEE: Fantasy & Science

Magazine of History
Periodicals Sum'91-Oct'03

Managing Office Technology
Now: Office Systems
Periodicals Jun'93-May'98

Marine Safety Newsletter
Periodicals (Aug 15'95-Dec'98)

Mathematics Teacher
Microfiche Jan'97-May'07
Periodicals Jan'81-Dec'96

Now: Rosie
Microfilm Oct'66-Mar'01

MCN: Maternal Child Nursing
Periodicals 1985-Dec'06

Mecanica Popular
Periodicals Jan'90-Jan'01

Media & Methods
Periodicals Jan'85-Oct'04

Mediterranean Quarterly
Periodicals Wtr'92-Fall'93

Men's Health
Periodicals May'99-Date

Periodicals Wtr'89-Date

Mexico Desconocido
Periodicals Jul'96-Feb'04

Microcomputer Index
Bound Storage - 24 Hour Feb'86-Mar'93

Mineralogical Record
Periodicals Jan'00-Nov'03

Mitchell Manuals
Microfiche 1968-1997

MIT's Technology Review
Formerly: Technology Review
Now: Technology Review
Periodicals Feb/Mar'97-May'98

MLA Bibliography
Bound Storage - 24 Hour 1969-1981

Modern Fiction Studies
Periodicals Wtr'79/80-Date

Modern Language Association Publication

Modern Language Journal
Microfiche Spr'97-Wtr'07
Periodicals Jan'69-Spr'97
Bound Storage - 24 Hour 1962-1968

Periodicals Oct'61-Dec'61

Modern Maturity
Now: AARP-The Magazine
Periodicals (Dec'89-Jan'03)

Modern Photography
Periodicals Jan'80-Jul'89

Molecular Biology and Evolution
Periodicals Nov'02-Dec'03

Molecular Biology of the Cell
Periodicals Aug'00 - Jan'04

Molecular Cell
Periodicals (Dec'97-Jan'02)

Monarch Notes
Microfiche (Title list in Periodicals Room)

Periodicals Jan'00-Date

Monthly Labor Review
Periodicals (Feb'67-Dec'07)

Mother Earth News
Periodicals May'78-Sep/Oct'90

Mother Jones
Periodicals Jul'79-Jan'04

Motor Trend
Periodicals Jan'00-Date

Motorcycle Consumer News
Periodicals Jul'01-Aug'04

Microfilm Jul'72-Wtr'05

Multicultural Review
Periodicals Mar'93-Dec'95

Muscle & Fitness
Periodicals Jan'01-Date

Music Educator's Journal
Microfiche Jul'96-May'04
Periodicals Jan'92-Nov'96


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