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Otay Mesa Library Jan'07-Date
Periodicals Jan'91-Dec'05

JANAC - Journal of the Assoc. of Nurses in AIDS Care
Otay Mesa Library Jan/Feb'07-Date
Periodicals Sep/Oct'99-Dec'06

Periodicals Jan'00-Mar'07

Periodicals Jan'94-Nov'06

See Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance

Journal of Abnormal Psychology
Periodicals Feb'85-Date

Journal of Academic Librarianship
Periodicals Jan'90-Mar'01

Journal of Accountancy
Periodicals Jan'85-Sept'07
Bound Storage - 24 Hour Jan'56-Dec'62, 1966

Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy
Periodicals Sep'95-Mar'04

Journal of American Folklore
Microfiche Jan'89-Fall'07

Journal of American History
Microfiche Jun'97-Mar'05
Periodicals Mar'80-Jun'97

Journal of Applied Behavioral Science
Periodicals V.21#1'85-Dec'94

Journal of Applied Psychology
Periodicals Feb'85-Feb'90

Journal of Asian American Studies
Periodicals Feb'00-Oct'06

Journal of Asian Studies
Microfiche Feb'89-Nov'06
Periodicals Feb'80-Mar'85

Journal of Black Studies
Microfiche Sep'89-Jul'07

Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media
Periodicals Spr'92-Fall'01

Journal of California Law Enforcement
Otay Mesa Library V.40#1'07-Date
Periodicals V.19#1'85-V.39#4'06

Journal of Cell Biology
Periodicals (Aug'00-Dec'02)

Journal of Chemical Education
Periodicals (Jan'85-Jun'02)

Journal of Communication
Periodicals Wtr'88-Fall'00

Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing
Periodicals Nov/Dec'99-Jun'07

Journal of Counseling and Development
Periodicals Sep'84-Spr'07

Journal of Counseling Psychology
Perioidicals Jan'85-Jan'09

Journal of Distance Education
Periodicals Fall'99-Spr'07

Journal of Educational Sociology
Bound Storage - 24 Hour Sep'35-May'47

Journal of Emergency Medical Services (JEMS)
Otay Mesa Library Jan/Feb'07-Date
Periodicals (Jan'98-Dec/06)

Journal of Environmental Engineering
Periodicals Jan'95-Mar'99

Journal of Finance
Microfiche Mar'97-Dec'06
Periodicals Mar'85-Dec'96

Journal of General Psychology
Periodicals Jan'80-Jul'04

Journal of Geography
Periodicals Jan'93-July'07
Periodicals Jan'80-Dec'88

Journal of Geology
Microfiche Jan'89-Nov'03

Journal of Gerontological Nursing
Periodicals Jan'91-Dec'03

Journal of Health Education
Now: American Journal of Health Education
Periodicals Mar/Apr'91-Nov'00

Journal of Health, Physical Education, Recreation
Bound Storage - 24 Hour 1965-1974

Journal of Higher Education
Periodicals Jan'85-Nov/Dec'06

Journal of Hispanic Higher Education
Periodicals Jul'06-Jan'09
Periodicals Jan'03-Jan'04

Journal of Holistic Health
Book Stacks R 733 J 6

Journal of Learning Disabilities
Microfiche Jan'94-Dec'04
Periodicals Jan'80-Dec'93

Journal of Marketing
Periodicals Wtr'85-Oct'00

Journal of Marriage and Family
Periodicals Feb'85-Dec'05

Journal of Mexican American History (Ceased)
Periodicals V.1'75 - V.5'75

Journal of Modern History
Microfiche Mar'89-Dec'04
Periodicals Mar'80-Dec'88

Journal of National Black Nurses Assn.
Periodicals Sum'90-V.15#2,2004

Journal of Negro History
Periodicals Jul'78-Fall'88

Journal of Neuroscience Nursing
Periodicals Feb'90-Feb'91

Journal of Nursing Education
Periodicals Jan'85-Dec'03

Journal of Nutrition
Periodicals Jan'79-Apr'04

Journal of Nutrition Education
Now: Journal of Nutrition Education & Behavior
Periodicals Sep'78-Nov'01

Journal of Nutrition Education & Behavior
Formerly: Journal of Nutrition Education
Periodicals Jan'02-Mar'04

Journal of Parapsychology
Periodicals Mar'80-Fall'03

Journal of Pediatric Nursing
Periodicals Feb'86-Dec'92

Journal of Periodontology
HEC National City Dec'04-Date

Journal of Personality
Periodicals Mar'80-Dec'06

Journal of Personality & Social Psychology
Microfilm Jan'86-Dec'07

Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
Microfiche Jan'97-Nov'06
Periodicals Bound 1993-1996
Bound Storge - 24 Hour Feb'75-Dec'92

Journal of Popular Culture
Microfiche Sum'89-Mar'04

Journal of Practical Nursing
Periodicals Mar'86-Sum'04

Journal of Psychology
Periodicals Jan'80-Jan'07

Journal of Psychosocial Nursing & Mental Health Services
Periodicals Jan'90-Dec'03

Journal of Reading
Periodicals Oct'65-May'95

Journal of Retailing
Periodicals Win'85-Fall'93

Journal of San Diego History
Periodicals Apr'67-Spr'05

Journal of Social Issues
Periodicals V.36#1'85-Spr'96

Journal of Special Education
Microfiche Spr'89-Wtr'04

Journal of Speech & Hearing Disorders
Microfiche Feb'89-Nov'90

Journal of Speech & Hearing Research
Microfiche Feb'89-Oct'96

Journal of Speech, Language & Hearing Research
Microfiche Feb'97-Dec'06

Journal of Systems Management
Periodicals Jan'85-Jul'94

Journal of Taxation
Microfiche Jan'97-Dec'06
Periodicals Jul'89-Dec'96

Journal of the Air and Waste Management Association
Periodicals (Aug'90-Mar'99)

Journal of the American Chemical Society
Periodicals (Jan'00-Mar'03)

Journalism & Mass Communication Monographs
Periodicals Feb'95-Dec'97

Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
Periodicals Spr'95-Wtr'01

Journalism Monographs
Periodicals (May'69-Dec'94)

Journalism Quarterly
Periodicals Spr'80-Wtr'94

Junior College Journal
Microfilm Sep'59-Jul'72


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