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Earth (Ceased)
Periodicals Jan'92-Aug'98

Periodicals Nov'03-Date
Microfilm Nov'67-Oct'03

Economic Geography
Microfilm Jan'60-Oct'04

Economic Indicators
Periodicals Feb'86-2004

Economist (London)
Periodicals Jan'03-Date
Microfilm Jan'65-Dec'02

Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety
Periodicals (May'99-Nov'01)

Editor & Publisher
Periodicals Jan'84-Jun'02

Editor & Publisher Yearbook
Reference Stacks Z6951 E32 2009

Editorial Research Reports
Reference Stacks H62 E35 1968-Apr'91

Editorials on File
Reference Collection 1986-2002

Education Digest
Periodicals Jan'85-Date

Education Index
Second Floor Storage 1955-1998

Educational Leadership
Periodicals Dec'84-Nov'04

Educational Record
Periodicals Spr'86-Fall'97

Educational Research Quarterly
Periodicals V.9#1'84-Jun'01

Educational Technology
Periodicals Jan'90-Jan'02

Educational Technology Research & Development
Periodicals V.37'89-V.44'96
Microfiche V.45'97-V.52'04

Electronics Now
Now: Poptronics
Periodicals Jul'92-Dec'99

EM - Environmental Manager
Periodicals (Jan'95-Dec'01)

Emergency Medical Services
Otay Mesa Library Jan/Feb'07-Date
Periodicals (Jan'98-Dec'06)

Emergency Medicine
Periodicals Jan'90-Sep'00

Emerging Infectious Diseases
Otay Mesa Library Jan'07-Date
Periodicals Jan'95-Jan'06

English Journal
Periodicals Jan'85-Date

Entertainment Design
Formerly: TCI
Periodicals Jan'99-Jul'02

Periodicals Room Aug'89-Date

Periodicals Jan'85-Mar'02

Environment Week
Periodicals (Jan'96-Nov'97)

Environmental Ethics
Periodicals (Spr'96-Win'98)

Environmental Management
Periodicals Jan'96-Dec'01

Environmental Pollution
Periodicals Room Jan'01-Dec'01

Environmental Protection
Periodicals (Sep'91-Dec'01)

Environmental Quality Management
Periodicals (Aut'96-Wtr'01)

Environmental Technology
Periodicals Jan/Feb'97-May/Jun'99

EPA Journal (Ceased)
Periodicals Mar/Apr'92-Spr'95

ERIC Junior College Microfiche Collection
Microfiche 1974-Jul'04

ERIC Resources in Education
See Resources in Education

Periodicals Jan'03-Date
Microfilm Jan'67-Dec'02

Essay & General Literature Index
Second Floor Storage 1985-Jun'98

Periodicals Jan'00-Date

ETC: A Review of General Semantics
Periodicals Mar'68-Spr'01
Microfilm 1959-1967

Periodicals Jan'80-Sum'01

Periodicals Fall'83-Wtr'02
Microfilm Sep'66-Sum'83

Periodicals Spr'90-Wtr'00


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