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California Educator
Periodicals Sep'96-Nov'03

California Geology (Ceased)
Periodicals Mar'00-Nov'01
Periodicals Jan'78-Jun'94

California Highway Patrolman
Now: Highway Patrolman
Periodicals Jan'90-May'99

California Historical Society Quarterly
Bound Storage - 24 Hour 1962-1977

California History
Periodicals Spr'88-Date
Bound Storage - 24 Hour Spr'78-Wtr'87

California Journal
Periodicals Dec'93-Nov'03
Periodicals Jan'78-Aug'86

California Journal Index
Second Floor Storage 1985-2002

California Management Review
Microfiche Fall'96-Sum'04
Periodicals 1985-Oct'96

California Real Estate
Periodicals Jan'90-Date

Car and Driver
Periodicals Jan'80-Date

Periodicals Jan 8'1999-Nov 27'2000

Ceramics Monthly
Periodicals Jan'75-Date

Microfiche Jan'88-Dec'04
Microfilm Feb'74-Dec'87

Changing Times
Microfilm Jan'60-Jun'91

Chemical & Engineering News
Periodicals (Sep'97-Dec'01)

Chemical Engineering
Periodicals (Apr'97-Dec'01)

Chemical Innovation
Periodicals (Jun'00-Dec'01)

Chicano Art Magazine
Periodicals Jul'06 - Date

Child Development
Periodicals Jan'04-Date
Microfilm Mar'66-Dec'03

Children Today
Periodicals Jan'72-Vol.24#2

China Pictorial
Storage - 24 Hour Dec'85-Sep'90

China Reconstructs
Storage - 24 Hour Jan'86-Dec'89

China Today
Periodicals Jan'96-Jan'03
Periodicals Jan'90-Oct'90

Periodicals Mar'02-Date
Bound Storage - 24 Hour Sep'65-Feb'02
Periodicals May'64-Aug'65

Choice Index
AB 66 C45
Reference Stacks 1964-1974

Christian Century
Microfilm Jan'78-Dec'04
Bound Storage - 24 Hour Jan'62-Dec'78

Christianity Today
Periodicals Jan'85-Apr'04

Chronicle of Higher Education
Periodicals Aug'03-Date
Microfilm Sep'78-Aug'04

Chula Vista Star News
Periodicals has Current Issues
Microfilm 1977-Dec'04

Clearing House
Periodicals Jan'85-Jan/Feb'96

Coach and Athletic Director
Periodicals Apr'95-Mar'02

Code One
Periodicals Apr'92-Date

College & Research Libraries
Periodicals Jan'93-Mar'94
Periodicals (Jul'97-1998)

College & Research Libraries News
Periodicals (Jul'92-1998)

College English
Periodicals Jan'86-Nov'01

College Teaching
Periodicals Fall'85-Wtr'02

Columbia Journalism Review
Periodicals Jan/Feb'85-Nov/Dec'01

Periodicals Jan'85-Mar'04

Periodicals Jan'02-Jan'04
Bound Storage - 24 Hour Sep'61-Dec'01

Communication Arts
Periodicals Jan'84-Date

Community & Junior College Journal
Microfilm Aug'72-Jun'85

Community & Junior College Libraries
Periodicals Fall'82- v12 n4, 2004

Community College Journal
Periodicals Aug'03-Date
Microfilm Oct'92-Jul'03

Community College Journal of Research and Practice
Periodicals Sep/Oct'94-Dec'01

Community College Journalist
Periodicals Fall'83-Sum'01

Community College Week
Periodicals Aug'98-Date

Community, Technical & Junior College Journal
Microfilm Aug/Sep'85-Aug/Sep'92

Community/Junior College Quarterly of Research & Practice
Periodicals Oct'81-Mar'91

Community/Junior College Research Quarterly
Periodicals Jan'77-Sep'81

Comparative Studies in Society and History
Microfiche Jan'94-Oct'07

Computer Literature Index
Bound Storage - 24 Hour 1980-1990

Computers in Libraries
Periodicals Jul/Aug'99-Date

Congressional Digest
Periodicals Jan'02-Jan'04
Bound Storage - 24 Hour Jan'62-Dec'01

Congressional Quarterly Almanac (JK 1001 C61)
Reference Stacks 1984-2001
Book Stacks 1963-1983

Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report
Periodicals Jul'99-Jun'02

Consumer Reports
Periodicals Jan'90-Date

Consumer Reports Annual Buying Guide (TX 335 A1 C75)
Book Stacks 1990-Date
Reserve Desk 2 Latest Editions

Consumer's Digest (Ceased)
Periodicals Jan'90-Nov'00

Consumers' Research
Periodicals Jan'90-Feb'04

Contemporary Literature
Microfiche Spr'89-Wtr'04

Periodicals Jan'95-Dec'03

Corrections Today
Periodicals Jun'95-Feb'07

Periodicals Oct'00-Date

Cosmopolitan, En Espanol
Periodicals Mar'95-Date

CQ Researcher
H62 E35
Reference Collection May 10'91-Date

Crafts Magazine
Periodicals Jul'79-Dec'91

Crime & Delinquency
Periodicals Jan'85-Jan'07

Microfiche Feb'97-Nov'04
Periodicals Feb'95-Feb'97

Periodicals Fal'01-Sum'07

Cumulative Index to Nursing & Allied Health Literature
Reference Collection 1987-Dec'06

Periodicals Jan'85-Jan'04

Current Anthropology
Periodicals Jan'85-Date
Storage - 24 Hour Jan'80-Dec'84

Current Biography (CT 120 C8)
Reference Stacks 1940-2008

Current History
Periodicals 2002-Date
Storage - 24 Hour 1957,1961,1983
Storage - 24 Hour 1934-41, 1943-54
Bound Storage - 24 Hour 1957,1959,1961-2001
Bound Storage - 24 Hour 1926-34, 1941-43

Current Index to Journals in Education
Second Floor Storage 1985-Feb'96

Current World Leaders Almanac (CT120 A6)
Reference Stacks Feb'94-Feb'96

Cycle World
Periodicals Jun'01-Date


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