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A Magazine (Ceased)
Periodicals Aug/Sep'97-Feb/Mar'02

AAA Science Books & Films
SEE: Science Books & Films

AARP-The Magazine
Formerly: Modern Maturity
Periodicals Mar/Apr'03-Nov/Dec'07

ABA Journal
Periodicals Sep'97-Jun'07
Periodicals Feb'80-Mar'94

Abridged Index Medicus
Second Floor Storage 1984-1994

Periodicals Feb'79-May/Jun'08

Academy of Management Journal
Periodicals Mar'90 Feb'04

Accounting Review
Periodicals Jan'85-Oct'00

Advanced Imaging
Periodicals (1998-Mar'03)

Advanced Management Journal
Microfiche Wtr'97-Aut'04
Periodicals Wtr'90-Sum'97

Advertising Age
Microfiche Jan'01-Dec'04
Microfilm Jan'77-Dec'00

Periodicals Jun'97-Sep'04

African American Review
Periodicals Wtr'93-Wtr'00

African Arts
Periodicals Feb'80-Aut'02

Periodicals Dec'88-Dec'93

Air Brush Action
Periodicals Jan/Feb' 2010 - Date

Amerasia Journal
Periodicals Vol.20 #1(1994)- Vol. 34 #3 2008

Periodicals Jan'02-Dec'03
Bound Storage - 24 Hour Oct'61-Dec'01

American Annals of the Deaf
Microfiche Mar'89-Wtr'07
Periodicals Jun'81-Dec'85

American Anthropologist
Periodicals Feb'72-Date
Bound Storage - 24 Hour Feb'62-Dec'71

American Antiquity
Microfiche Jan'89-Oct'06
Periodicals Jul'62-Jan'89

American Artist
Periodicals Oct'96-Date
Periodicals Jan'77-Mar'92

American Bar Association Journal
Periodicals Feb'80-Mar'94
Periodicals Sep'97-Date

American Biology Teacher
Periodicals Jan'90-Jan'02

American Ceramics
Periodicals WTR'91-Date

American Cinematographer
Periodicals Sep'01-Date

American City & County
Microfilm Jan'60-Dec'03

American Craft
Periodicals Jun/Jul'79-Date

American Demographics
Periodicals Room Jul'88-Nov'04

American Editor
Periodicals (May'95-Sep'98)

American Family Physician
Periodicals Jan'98-Date

American Health
Now: American Health for Women
Periodicals Jan'99-Sep'99
Periodicals Sep'89-Jan'97

American Health for Women
Periodicals Mar'97-Dec'98

American Heritage
Periodicals Feb'80-Date
Bound Storage - 24 Hour Dec'54-1979

American Historical Review
Periodicals Feb'71-Dec'06
Microfilm Oct'59-Dec'70
Periodicals Jul'51-Jul'59

American History
Periodicals Aug'94-Date

American History Illustrated
Periodicals Oct'70-Mar'94

American Indian Art Magazine
Periodicals Aut'81-May'07

American Journal of Distance Education
Periodicals #1,2001- #4,2008

American Journal of Education
Periodicals Feb'80-Date

American Journal of Health Education
Formerly: Journal of Health Education
Periodicals Jan'01-May'09

American Journal of Human Genetics
Periodicals Jan'01-Feb'04

American Journal of Nursing
Otay Mesa Library Jan'06-Date
Periodicals Jan'02-Dec'06
Bound Storage - 24 Hour Jan'58-Dec'01

American Journal of Physics
Periodicals (Jan'90-Dec'07)
Periodicals Jan'81-Jan'89

American Journal of Psychiatry
Periodicals Jan'98-Jan'07

American Journal of Psychology
Periodicals Spr'63-Date

American Journal of Public Health
Periodicals Jan'95-Nov'07

American Journal of Sociology
Microfilm Jul'59-May'04

American Libraries
Periodicals Jan'95-Jun'03

American Literature
Microfiche Mar'94-Dec'04
Periodicals Mar'84-Dec'93

American Photo
Periodicals Mar'90-Date

American Photographer
Periodicals Dec'88-Dec'89

American Political Science Review
Microfilm Mar'60-Nov'06

American Psychologist
Periodicals Jan'02-Jan'07
Bound Storage - 24 Hour Jan'59-Dec'01

American Review of Reviews
Bound Storage - 24 Hour Jan'17-Dec'28

American Scholar
Microfiche Wtr'89-Aut'03

American School & University
Microfiche Sep'89-Aug'04
Periodicals Feb'69-Apr'82

American Scientist
Periodicals (Sep'91-Jan'01)

American Sociological Review
Microfiche Feb'94-Dec'07

American Visions
Periodicals Feb'92-Aug'00

American West (Ceased)
Periodicals Jan'82-Oct'90
Microfilm 1976-1981
Periodicals Spr'65-Nov'75

Periodicals Jul'78-Feb'93
Periodicals Mar'73-Jan'76

Americas (English Ed.)
Periodicals Jan'81-Date

Americas (Spanish Ed.)
Periodicals Apr'99-Date

Analog: Science Fiction, Science Fact
Periodicals Jan'84-Dec'95

Annals of the American Academy of Political & Social Science
Microfiche Jan'01-Nov'04
Microfilm Jan'60-Nov'00

Anthropological Quarterly
Microfiche Jan'89-Fal'03

Periodicals Sep'81-Dec'01

AORN Journal
Otay Mesa Library Jan'06-Date
Periodicals Dec'74-Dec'05
Periodicals Mar'69-Dec'71

Periodicals Spr'89-Aug'06

Periodicals Room Jan'78-Jul'92

Applied Occupational and Environmental Hygiene
Periodicals (Jan'97-May'02)

Applied Science & Technology Index
Second Floor Storage 1985-1990

Appraisal Journal
Periodicals Jan'90-Apr'01

Periodicals Sum'63-Date

Periodicals Nov'06-Date

Architectural Digest
Periodicals Sep'73-Date

Architectural Record
Periodicals Jan'67-Date

Architectural Review
Periodicals Jun'88-Date

Now: Architect
Periodicals Jan'96-Oct'06

Art in America
Periodicals Jan'70-Date
Periodicals Dec'60-Dec'68

Art Index
Second Floor Storage Nov'85-1998

Art Journal
Periodicals Spr'87-Wtr'01

Artes De Mexico (Ceased)
Periodicals 1973-1979, 1990
Periodicals Apr'62-Feb'67

Periodicals Feb'63-Date

Artist's Magazine
Periodicals Mar'87-Dec'95

Periodicals Sep'61-Date

Arts Magazine
Periodicals Sep'66-Mar'92

Arts of Asia
Periodicals Jul'79-Sep'02

Periodicals Jan'96-Jun'09

Asbestos & Lead Abatement
Periodicals (Aug'97-May'00)

Periodicals #1'87-#1'97

Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine
Periodicals Jan'88-Oct'92

Astronomical Journal
Periodicals Feb'63-Dec'80

Periodicals Apr'75-Apr'02

Astrophysical Journal
Periodicals Jan'84-Dec'90

Astrophysical Journal Letters
Periodicals Jan'84-Dec'90

Athapascan,Southwestern College
Archives Oct'61-1976

Atlantic Monthly
Periodicals Jan'83-Mar'04
Bound Storage - 24 Hour Jan'50-Jun'79
Periodicals Jan'26-Dec'49
Bound Storage - 24 Hour Jan'16-Dec'24

Atmospheric Environment
Periodicals Feb'98-#36,2001

Periodicals Jan'88-Jan'05

Aviation Week & Space Technology
Periodicals Jan'90-Jun'02

AWHONN Lifelines
Periodicals Apr'97-Dec'06

AWHONN'S Clinical Issues in Perinatal and Women's Health Nursing
Periodicals V.4 (1993)


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