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Please read before you use netLibrary Electronic Books
  • To access the Southwestern College netLibrary eBook collection from OFF CAMPUS, you MUST FIRST create a netLibrary account on an ON-CAMPUS computer. Follow the instructions below.
netLibrary offers two versions of its Web site: a consumer version, and a library version. The distinction is important, especially for off-campus users.

If you log in to netLibrary from any computer on campus, you will see the library version by default. The library version lets you access the " Southwestern Library eBook Collection" of over 2,500 electronic books. You can "browse" any eBooks on campus without creating a netLibrary account. However, if you want to view our collection off-campus you will need to create a netLibrary account (see below).

If you log in to netLibrary from off-campus, you will see the consumer version by default. You will not have access to the "Southwestern College Library Collection" until you create a netLibrary account from an ON-CAMPUS computer. The account MUST be created on a computer on the Southwestern College campus. Otherwise, when you log in from off-campus, the web site will not recognize your account as being affiliated with Southwestern College and will not grant you access to the Southwestern College Library eBook collection.

To create your netLibrary account:
  1. Use any PC with Internet access on the Southwestern College campus.
  2. Go to www.netlibrary.com.
  3. Click on create an account in the right-hand column of the screen and follow the instructions provided.
  4. After you've created your netLibrary account you can log in to netLibrary from ANY computer (on-campus or off-campus) and access all the eBooks in the Southwestern College Library Collection.
Click here to go to netLibrary and use the Electronic Book Collection

No Southwestern College department or office has access to any netLibraryUser Name, password, or account information. If you forget your netLibrarypassword, accidentally create an account for the "consumer" site instead of the "library" site, or have any other questions about your netLibrary account, please contact netLibrary's Customer Service Department.

Staff at Southwestern Community College library can help you set up a netLibraryaccount or answer your questions about using eBooks. You can also phone thereference desk at 619-421-6700 x5381. An online eBook help page is also availableat Southwestern College Library ebook help.

Comments? Contact Southwestern College Library Reference Desk.
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