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What are eBooks?
eBooks are electronic versions of print books. Like print books, the text found in eBooks is often enriched with photos, illustrations, graphs and tables. In eBooks, users can navigate and search through the text for specific words or phrases, have words defined or pronounced with the online dictionary and add your own notes within the online book .

What is EBSCOhost eBooks?
EBSCOhost is a leading provider of electronic books, and securely distributes eBooks and print-ready files. EBSCOhost eBooks are full-text searchable and available for use through any Internet accessible personal computers with a web browser.
In order to effectively use all EBSCOhost features, the minimum browser requirements are Internet Explorer 7.0, Firefox 3.0, and Safari 3.0 (for Macintosh). You must also have Adobe ® Reader® installed to view the PDF Full Text files. We recommend Adobe Acrobat Reader version 8.2 or later.

Accessing eBooks Off Campus
  1. To access the eBooks from off campus locations, you should request a copy of the off campus password list.
  2. Please use the online Password Request Form www.swccd.edu/~library/PasswordRequest/.
  3. Currently enrolled students will receive the list of passwords within minutes by email.
  4. Next visit our EBSCOhost eBook Collection page to login

Searching for an eBook
View this online tutorial on how to search for eBooks

Can I print an eBook?
You can print single page or a short range of pages within an eBook. There are limitations as to how many pages can be printed during each use of a title.

Who do I contact if I need more information?
The reference librarian at any Southwestern Community College library location can help answer your questions about using eBooks. You can also phone the reference desk at 619-421-6700 x5381 whenever the library is open
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