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Dental Hygiene
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The following sites are helpful starting points for exploring Internet research and career planning resources of interest to dental hygiene students.
Subject Directories

These Internet resource directories are useful for exploring a subject to find out what's available on the Internet. Be sure to carefully evaluate what you find.
Professional Associations


These databases will help you locate journal articles and patient education materials. Articles may not be presented in full; contact the Dental Hygiene office at HEC or the main campus library to obtain complete articles. Contact the Dental Hygiene office at HEC for more information about becoming a dental hygienist. 619-216-6665
Your Library has a great deal more information on this topic!

E-Books, journals, magazine and newspaper articles are available online. These services are for current Southwestern College students and staff. Pick up passwords at the reference desk or contact us at library@swccd.edu.
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