Everyday ESL English as a Second Language

Everyday ESL

Everday ESL
The ESL (English as a Second Language) Program will help you learn the language you need to function in the community where you live, work, and study. It focuses on everyday English. Oral Communication will teach you to speak and listen to everyday English. Written Communication will teach you to read and write everyday English. You can take both classes at the same time, or you can take only Oral Communication or only Written Communication. It's up to you. You do NOT need a placement test to enroll in this program.

Oral Communication I (ESL 295A1) and II (ESL 295A2) - English flyer | Spanish flyer

Written Communication I (ESL 295 B1) and II (ESL 295 B2) - English flyer | Spanish flyer

Spring 2013 Registration begins November 28th. Classes start January 14th.

This program is offered on the Chula Vista campus.