French World Languages Department


FREN 101. Elementary French I (5 units)

Focuses on basic beginning interpersonal communication. Covers structures and vocabulary necessary to talk about family, friends, daily activities, hobbies, obligations, school, weather, travel, and food. Introduces students to Francophone cultures. Designed for students withvery little or no knowledge of French.Equivalent to two years of high school French. (Formerly FREN 120.) [D; CSU; UC]

FREN 102. Elementary French II (5 units)

Prerequisite: FREN 101 or equivalent

Continuation of French 101. Designed to further enable students to carry out basic interpersonal communication and acquire the structures and vocabulary necessary to talk about childhood, chores, daily routine, health, technology, errands, employment, environment, future goals, and professions. Study of Francophone cultures. Equivalent to three years high school French. (Formerly FREN 130.) [D; CSU; UC]

FREN 220. Intermediate French I (5 units)

Prerequisite: FREN 102 or equivalent

Provides students an opportunity to review previously learned language structure; to increase vocabulary beyond immediate needs; to improve reading comprehension in French via authentic materials, poetry and prose; to increase cultural awareness; and to communicate in both written and oral format using increasingly complex linguistic patterns. Equivalent to three years of high school French. [D; CSU; UC]

FREN 230. Intermediate French II (5 units)

Prerequisite: FREN 220 or equivalent

Expands coursework presented in French 220: increased emphasis on languagestructure, vocabulary development, reading comprehension of authenticmaterials and literature, written expression, and oral communication. Equivalent to four years of high school French. [D; CSU; UC]

FREN 295. Selected Topics in French (1–3 units)

Permits students to study relevant subjects within the field of French. The specific objectives, methods of instruction and units of credit to be determined individually for projects proposed under this course description. (May be repeated for additional credit with new content.) [D; *CSU] * Please refer to the class schedule for specific course description and transferability information.

FREN 299. Independent Study (1–3 units)

Limitation on Enrollment: Eligibility for independent study. Individual study or research in an area of French of particular interest to the student and not included in the regular courses of the College. [D; CSU; **UC] **UC Limitation: credit for variable topics courses is given only after a review of the scope and content of the courses by the enrolling UC campus.