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Spanish Proficiency Certificate

In today's marketplace, the ability to read, write and interact in Spanish is a highly valuable skill. The Spanish Proficiency Certificate coursework is designed to prepare students to successfully and professionally function within a bilingual and biliterate marketplace. Businesses such as hospitals, "maquiladoras", police departments, travel agencies, real state agencies, schools and small businesses within the San Diego county are looking for individuals with advanced Spanish skills to assist costumers, clients, patients, students and/or other general public with their linguistic needs. The program consists of 13 units.


Take TWO of the following classes:

SPAN 215 Spanish for Bilinguals I
SPAN 216 Spanish for Bilinguals II
SPAN 221 Introduction to Literature for Bilinguals

Take ONE of the following courses:

BUS 225 Interpretation/translation for General Business
BUS 226 Interpretation/translation: Legal
BUS 227 Interpretation/translation: Medical
BUS 233 Interpretation/translation: Inmigration
BUS 234 Advanced Interpretation/translation: Legal
BUS 257 International Business and Legal Communication: Spanish

In order to qualify for the Spanish Proficiency Certificate, a grade of B or better must be earned on each of the courses taken to satisfy the program requirements.

To apply for the Spanish Proficiency Certificate:

1. Fill out an application. (Application form)
2. Obtain a copy of your transcripts or grade reports showing that you have met all requirements.
3. Contact Deana Alonso to make an appointment.
Tel: (619) 421-6700 ext. 5571
Office: 450G