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Instructors of Language

This page displays the instructors of the Language and Humanities department. There's a brief description about the instructor and ways you may get in contact with them.

Angelina Stuart

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A tenured professor of Spanish and ESL, Professor Stuart enjoys teaching both Spanish tracks, the Bilingual tracks for Native Speakers, as well as the beginning Spanish courses and ESL courses from Writing to ESL for Child Development courses. Angie enjoys offering communicative activities and language proficiency tasks in her lesson plans and strives to assist her students in acquiring a second language. In the future, Professor Stuart plans to web-enhance all of her courses through the Language Acquisition Center and through Blackboard activities.

Email Instructor | 619-421-6700 x5607 | Office 450J

Concetta Calandra

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Benvenuti! ¡Bienvenidos! My name is Concetta Calandra and I was born in a small town 48 km from the capital of Sicily. My parents, brother and I left our home in Italy and moved to New York when I was nine years old. At first, the journey seemed exciting, however, I soon realized that my world would never be the same. I would forever be a product of two very different cultures, belonging to both and to neither at the same time. Within three months of our arrival in the United States, I was speaking English and serving as the family interpreter. I loved that role, and thus, my fascination with learning languages began. I studied French, Italian and Spanish at Hunter College in New York City and graduated with a BA in Italian. In addition to my Italian degree, I have a BA and a Master's degree in Spanish Literature from San Diego State University. After receiving my MA, I taught at Mesa College, Grossmont College, Cuyamaca College and SDSU. While teaching at these different colleges, I continued to hone my teaching skills by enrolling in graduate courses and attending workshops and conferences on foreign language pedagogy. In 1999 I was hired as a full-time instructor at Southwestern College, where I now teach Spanish and Italian. I enjoy teaching both languages and I strive to make language learning easy, interesting and rewarding for all my students.

Email Instructor | 619-421-6700 x5713 | Office 460B

Deana Alonso

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An excellent professor of Spanish, encouraging students to learn through creative activities and interactions, Professor Alonso ventures forth pairing technology and education. Always searching for new ways to effectively convey messages to students, this is just one step in that direction. Hopefully, should this program bode well, it may become an official part of the curriculum. For now, however, it is a perfect opportunity to voice your praises or suggestions, or even to perform your extra credit.

Email Instructor | 619-421-6700 x5724 | Office 450C

Dinorah Guadiana-Costa

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Hardly a day goes by that I'm not keenly grateful for my job as a teacher, and for working at Southwestern College, where I'm surrounded by wonderful students, and special colleagues and friends.

The awareness of the magic that takes place, when teaching and learning is exchanged, began when I was around 11 years old. My mother had a young housekeeper who had been forced to move to my native Tijuana in search of work. As is typical of many young women, she had left all her loved ones deep in her southern Mexican hometown. One day, she asked me to help her read a letter she'd received from a boyfriend. It was hard to believe that a "grown-up" couldn't read, but I could tell in her face that she was embarrassed, so I didn't ask any questions. I did read it to her, but I decided I should show her how she could do it, too. How I looked forward to the time in the evening when the house became quiet after supper, and we could begin our "lessons!" After some time, paper squiggles turned into love words, promises and dreams for her and also for me.

I received my B.A. and M.A. in Spanish Literature and Linguistics from SDSU, and a Certificate in Applied Linguistics. Upon graduating in 1991, I did the "freeway-flyer thing" at several local colleges including Southwestern College, where in 1993, I was honored with the Governing Board Faculty Recognition Award for Teaching Excellence. Finally, three years later, my dream came true: I became a proud member of Southwestern College's full-time faculty, where I enjoy teaching courses in language, culture, and literature to both non-native and native speakers of Spanish.

Email Instructor | 619-421-6700 x5682 | Office 450H

Nora Corral

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Bonjour, Hola, Ciao, Oi everyone!

My name is Nora Corral and love teaching and learning foreign languages. I believe that teaching foreign languages is like giving our students a key that will open many doors of new worlds and opportunities to them.

I have a B.A. degree in Spanish and a B.A. in French from San Diego State University. While finishing my Bachelor's degrees, I studied Italian, a little of Portuguese, and I also had the opportunity to study abroad in Paris, France. I also have two Master's degrees, one in Latin American Literature and the second one in French Literature (both from San Diego State). As I was completing my M.A. in French, I taught Spanish and French as adjunct instructor at San Diego State, Mesa College, Cuyamaca College and Southwestern College for two years. Then I got a full-time position as Professor of Spanish and French at Mesa College, where I worked for 2 years. Now, I am very happy and excited to be back again at Southewestern, this time as full-time instructor of French.

I enjoy writing poetry and short stories, and have done research work on Argentinean Literature, Art, and Human rights. In the present, I have focused more on writing for language books. I wrote the lesson plans for "Invitaciones: Segunda Parte," and was a contributing writer for the French textbook "Espaces," of which I wrote the "Contextes" activities, and served as bookmap/content reviewer.

I also enjoy traveling. I've traveled extensively in Mexico (Baja, Guanajuato, Jalisco, Oaxaca, Michoacán, Guerrero, Quintanaroo, Yucatán, Chihuahua) have been to England, Spain, France, Argentina, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, and hope the list keeps growing : )

I keep updated on second language acquisition/teaching methodologies by attending workshops, conferences, and by keeping memberships with ACTFL, and MLA.


Email Instructor | 619-421-6700 x5943 | Office 460L