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E.S.L. Certificate Ceremony

Every year, the English-as-a-Second-Language Certificate Ceremony is held. Take a look at the pictures and see what it's like! Celebrating the accomplishments of many students, we present food, fun, and--of course--a certificate. To receive a certificate you need to complete ESL 40, 41, and 104. If you have already done so, and are looking to receive a certificate, please drop off an unofficial copy of your transcript to room 446. If the assistant is not in his office at the time, you may drop your transcript off in his mailbox in the office located in room 430J. For all other inquiries, please email him.


Click on a thumbnail to go to that year's respective ceremony gallery and view some of the pictures taken for that event.

ESL Ceremony 2006

ESL Ceremony 2007

ESL Ceremony 2008

Ceremony 2006 Ceremony 2007 Ceremony 2008

ESL Ceremony 2009

Ceremony 2009

As more ceremonies are held, I will be adding more and more pictures to the gallery.

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