Instructorsí Frequently Asked Questions

What level classes can I teach if I am a BLS instructor? You may teach all level CPR classes. ACLS and Pals require additional training.

How does an instructor process a student who cannot pass the written test in a Healthcare Provider class? You may ask the questions verbally or give the student another version of the exam. If student still cannot pass, the student must retake the course. A passing score must be accomplished before a Healthcare Provider card may be issued to any student.

How do I become Regional Faculty? To apply, you must teach CPR classes on a regular basis and be recommended by a current Regional Faculty and/or your CTC coordinator.

Is there a "grace" period for instructors with lapsed cards? There is no grace period. If an instructorís card has expired, he or she must retake an instructor course to be renewed.

How can an instructor subscribe to the Currents newsletter? The Currents newsletter is a free publication for all AHA instructors. You should receive the subscription information in your instructor class or call 877-821-2010 toll free. You may also register on the web at .

Can a CTC make photocopies of some material from the texts? AHA materials are copy-written and it is illegal to photocopy these materials without prior permission from the American Heart Associationís legal department.

Once an instructor is monitored, do they ever have to be monitored again? Yes, as a new instructor and before renewing instructor status. This can be accomplished in an instructor renewal class or when teaching an AHA CPR class.

Where can I purchase course materials? The AHA approved distributors are:

Channing L. Bete Co., Inc.

World Point ECC

Laerdal Medical Corp or phone1-888-562-4242


Does the Instructor have to sign the course participation/completion card? The signature on the card may be handwritten, typed, stamped or computer generated.

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