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A full Cycle of Assessment has two parts:
  1. Every outcome written by a discipline, program or unit has been through the assessment process.

  2. Every outcome has gone through the following steps.

    • Writing outcomes

    • Communicating outcomes (including providing instruction and/or services)

    • Measuring outcomes and collecting aggregated data

    • Storing aggregated data

    • Meeting to discuss and analyze aggregated data

    • Creating a plan or plans for improvement

    • Implementing new plan(s) and collecting more data (which restarts the cycle)
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At this point in the outcomes assessment process at Southwestern College, the following guidelines have been set.
  • All courses should have at least two Course-Level Student Learning Outcomes (CSLOs).
  • All degree and certificate programs should have at least one Program-Level Student Learning Outcome (PSLO).
  • All administrative units should have at least 2 Administrative Unit Outcomes (AUOs).
  • All written outcomes should be assessed by the end of spring 2012 to maintain our current accreditation standing.
Currently, all academic outcome assessment results are stored in eLumen. Please note that administrative units are not placing outcome assessment results into eLumen. They are storing results in their offices and reporting them in Program Review.
  • Assessment is an ongoing, cyclical process.
  • Assessments should be conducted throughout the academic year in classes and during services.
  • Assessment results are reported annually as part of Program Review.
  • Assessment results are included in the decision-making processes on campus including decisions regarding curriculum, budget allocation, technology needs, and the allocation of space.

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