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Welcome to the Southwestern College, School of Health, Exercise Science and Athletics

Dean: Terry Davis
Health Chairperson: Walt Justice
Exercise Science Chairperson: John Cosentino

Our department's goal is to inspire, encourage, prepare and educate individuals on how to live healthy lifestyles. The curriculum is centered on the concept that movement skills, intellectual development and physical fitness are elements of life that must be taught and reinforced.  Further, students acquire and master skills in a progressive fashion through instruction, analysis and evaluation by credentialed professionals.

The department offers a variety of courses to meet general education requirements as well as to provide opportunities for personal growth, intercollegiate athletic courses, health education courses and activities.

Something for everyone! If fitness and health is your goal, please check out our popular, high-tech Fitness Center. The Fitness Center has more than 3,000 square feet of exercise space and is equipped with cardiovascular and strength machines. There is also an Olympic-size swimming pool on campus. There are more than 100 sections of activity classes each semester to choose from, ranging from aerobic dance and bowling to yoga and fitness walking. There are also limited-activity classes to choose from.

The Department offers a one year Fitness Specialist Certification Program, if you are interested in employment in the health and fitness industry.

Crown Cove Aquatic Center along the beautiful Silver Strand offers great opportunities if you are interesting in obtaining college credit and learning how to kayak, sail or surf.

There are also many types of health education classes offered, from online health to the popular Principles of Healthful Living as well as Healing Touch, Nutrition, Border Health; health classes are offered in classrooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Our instructors are caring professionals whose uniqueness and excellence will help you reach your academic, personal and professional goals.

Southwestern College offers eight men's and eight women's sports. The Jaguars have a long and proud tradition of fielding some of the top sports teams in the state. Check out our Athletics program and get involved today!

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