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All activity classes are One Unit, unless otherwise noted.

ES/A 101 Body Sculpt I-IV

ES/A 111 Running for cardiovascular fitness. I-IV

ES/A 123 Cross Training Fitness I-IV

ES/A 131 Flexibility Fitness

ES/A 135 Bowling I-III

ES/A 143 Badminton I-IV

ES/A 149Golf  I-IV

ES/A 152 Tennis I-III

ES/A 162 Basketball

ES/A 166 Volleyball I-IV

ES/A 174 Baseball

ES/A 175 Soccer I-IV

ES/A 182 Softball I-IV

ES/A 186 Strength and Fitness Training I-IV (Fitness Center)

ES/A 295 Strength and Fitness Training Advanced

ES/A 190 Weight Training and Physical Fitness

ES/A 196 Judo I-III

ES/A 220 Lifetime Fitness and Weight Management

ES/A 233 Golf Skills Practice

ES/A 249 Cheerleading Conditioning I-IV

For the Spring 2007 ES Activity Class Schedule, please click on the link below:


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