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Health 101 Principles of Healthful Living. 3 Units. Application of modern knowledge to the development of understanding health principles which can lead to a quality lifestyle. Includes fitness, nutrition, psychoactive drugs, alcohol and tobacco awareness. Units satisfy the State of California Health Education requirement for a teaching credential.

Health 106 Healing Touch Level 1 Beginning course of study of complimentary healing which focuses on energy theory and principles and practice of energy-based interventions. Application of techniques to a variety of situations, ranging from self-care to professional use in programs such as health/wellness, stress reduction, nursing, medicine, hospital and hospice care. (D, CSU). One Unit.

Health 110 First Responder. Grade Only. 3 Units. Fundamentals of first aid with emphasis on emergencies requiring knowledge and skills in artificial respiration, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, automated external defibrillation, oxygen therapy, care for fractures, bleeding, poisoning and burns. Additional material covers problems of exposure, drugs, emergency rescues, childbirth and Body Substance Isolation procedures (BSI) (Same as EMT 100) (D, CSU).

Health 116 Woman’s Health and Well-Being. 3 Units. Grade Only. Application of modern to the development of understanding, attitudes and practices essential to healthful living with special emphasis on women’s issues. Includes comprehensive coverage of nutrition and personal fitness; stress reduction and injury prevention; chronic and infectious diseases; sexuality and reproductive health; alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. (D; CSU, UC).

Health 202 Nutrition for Athletes. 3 Units. Grade Only. General presentation of a wide variety of nutritional topics related to athletes and fitness. It provides introductory nutrition principles, as well as exercise and sports science principles that will allow the student to understand the basic processes and applications of nutrition for athletes. (D, CSU)

Health 204 Fundamentals of Nutrition. 3 Units. Grade Only. Covers nutrition as applied to the stages of normal life cycle. Focuses on the basic principles of nutrition, including knowledge of daily nutritional requirements. Emphasizes effects of over and under eating. Includes fitness standards and psychological homestatis. (D, CSU, UC)


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