Departments and Disciplines


School of Health, Exercise Science, and Athletics Links

Health Education and Exercise Science Instructors

Department Phone Number: 619.421.6700, Ext. 5353


Duro Agbede, PhD
Email: Office: 560B Extension: x5620

John Cosentino, M.A. (Exercise Science Department Chairperson)
Email: Office: 1000B Extension: x6420

Paul Daniels, M.A.
Email: Office: 1000E Extension: x5652

Karen Cravens, M.A.
Email: Office: 1004C Extension: x5655

Melanie Durkin, M.A.
Email: Office: 1000D Extension: x5714

Robert Flores, M.A.
Email: Office: 1004D Extension: x5662

Valerie Goodwin, M.Ed.
Email: Office: 10004B Extension: x5650

Jennifer Harper, M.A.
Email: Office: 1001B Extension: x5577

Gloria Johnson, M.A.
Email: Office: 1000G Extension: x5654

Walt Justice, M.A. (Health Chairperson)
Email: Office: 560A Extension: x5882

Richard Mason, M.A.
Email: Office: 1000F Extension: x5657

Dioonicio Monarrez, M.Ed.
Email: Office: 1008C Extension: x5887

Michael Meehan, M.Ed.
Email: Office: 1000F Extension: x5646

Michael Pompa, M.A.
Email: Office: 1008C Extension: x5887

Art Stone, M.A.
Email: Office: 1004D Extension: x5662

Mustafa "Cem" Tont, M.A.
Email: Office: 1006A Extension: x5660

Adjunct Faculty

Allen Hazard, M.A.

Michael Smith, M.S.

R. Aguliar
L. Brown
T. Campbell
D. Cherry
K. Colwell
C. DePeralta
D. Flint
C. Flores
D. Gutowski
C. Hipolito
W. Hoefer
N. Holbrook
M. Lewis
D. Lynch
C. Moffat
J. Nielsen
B. Platt
J. Ramos
S. Reasons
J. Redmond
S. vonGuenthner
N. Villa

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