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Teaching assignments are changed each term. Instructors must meet the Minimum Qualifications for teaching mandated by the State of California. According to the S.C.E.A. Contract - 15.2.5 In determining class assignments among part-time faculty, the School Dean in consultation with the Department Chair, shall make a good faith effort, consistent with the needs of the department, to ensure that parttime faculty members are offered a teaching assignment in the following order: Vested Part-time Faculty will have a reasonable expectation of an assignment consistent with previous SWC assignments, assigned in preference over non-vested part-time faculty. Vested part-time faculty members may also request and may be assigned additional assignments up to the maximum load if consistent with the needs of the department. Non-vested Part-time Faculty will be assigned, as needed, to serve the best interests of the District and in accordance with their classroom and summary evaluations.