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Child Development Center
Goals and Purpose of the Child Development Center
The Southwestern College Child Development Center's goal is to provide the Southwestern Community a model of excellence in the educational programs for young children. We will serve the children, students and staff with a professional and quality preschool program.

The Center's Goals are:
  • To promote intellectual, social, emotional, language and physical development in the children.
  • To meet the needs of the children first, in every decision.
  • To develop self-help skills through daily routines.
  • To promote respect for others through coomperation skills, cultural awareness and problem solving skills.
  • To provide a model preschool program for the students and staff of Southwestern College, as well as the surrounding community.
  • To serve as the primary laboratory resource for the Southwestern College students, providing opportunities for students to observe and experience working with children.
  • To provide comprehensive family and community services. These include providing individuals and opportunities to actively participate in a preschool program, provide information about young children and their development and promote confidence in parents and teachers.
For more information, contact Patricia Bartow, Center Director at (619) 216-6695
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