Session I and II: 2-Week Workshops
All room numbers will be listed on the confirmation letters. Due to usage of specialized facilities, workshops are scheduled in rooms across campus. All CFK instructors have undergone live scan fingerprinting with background checks.

Dabbling in the Arts

New! Sculpture with Recycled Materials
In this class, you will learn to work with every day materials that are normally discarded and create unique sculptures which are fluid and organic in form.  You will create sculptures, paint and finish them with hand details in class.  You will explore multiple ways to see disposable objects as possible reusable materials.  So if you like being creative as well as helping out the environment then this class is for you. 
Instructor: Alexandra Obando
Materials Fee $5


Pottery Making
Pinch, pull, coil and slab! Have messy fun transforming a lump of raw clay into mice, birds, or rhinos or make a bowl or personalized mug for a family member. This course features techniques used in ceramics to make glazed pottery.  All works will be fired by the instructor.
Instructor: Carrol Fleming
Materials Fee $10


Musical Theater Camp
Calling all Actors and Singers! Come join our diverse performance class that will master your performing arts skills in daily acting, dance and vocal workshops. This program is specifically created to challenge and promote each student’s unique growth in creativity and expression. Students will learn to create scripts, scenes, props and actions for plays that they will perform.
Instructor: Laura Hodge
No Materials Fee


Creating Cartoon Characters Through Sketch Art
Do you like to doodle or draw your favorite Disney or cartoon characters? Then you should come and join this fun and hands-on art class. You will learn how to draw traditional and non-traditional cartoon characters by applying foundational art techniques. The traditional techniques will be applied to various fundamental concepts of art as students learn to design their own characters and learn to develop a plot with the various characters sketched. 
Instructor: Edward Roeder
Materials Fee $10


Visual Art
The Visual Art course will give students a chance to experience a few different types of Art activities and mediums.  Students will earn about artist Pablo Picasso and then create their own abstract still-life painting with watercolors.  They will explore radial design, symmetry and transfer with Kaleidoscope Bugs.  Students will also learn about non-objective sculpture and create their own sculptural piece. All masterpieces to be take home.                 
Instructor: Brandie Keaveny
Materials Fee $10


NEW! Young Writers Academy: Creative Writing
Do you love telling stories and let your imagination run wild?  Then this class is for you!  Unleash your inner author to create your own original work in varying genres from short stories to poetry, to comics, and more.  You’ll leave the program with your own hardbound masterpiece!       
Instructor: Caroline Collins 
Materials Fee $5


NEW! Magical Reading
Explore the Magic inside Reading and let your imagination travel to many other adventures.  This college level reading course is designed to improve reading and critical thinking by utilizing the Common Core State Standards.  This course will introduce strategies in the area of English Language Arts promoting literacy and student success.
Instructor: Claudia De La Toba
Materials Fee $5


The Tech Age

New! Film Production/Filmmaking
Lights, Camera, Action!  If you would love to learn how to create a movie, then this class is for you!  Come and learn the ins and outs and all there is to know about film production.  Students will learn skills necessary to produce their own collaborative movies.  This will include writing their scripts, scouting locations (on campus) costuming, props, filming and editing.  So if you see yourself behind the camera, then we’ll see you in the video production class at CFK this summer.
Instructor: Karina Perez                 
Materials Fee $10


New! Adobe Illustrator 101
Ever think about becoming a Graphic Designer?  Or maybe you just want to create a hip T-Shirt design?  Construct your own logo?  Design art for print or the web?  Well if you have, then this class is for you!  Come learn and get familiar with Adobe Illustrator which is the industry-leading software program that enables you to create all these amazing visuals and more!  So if you’re into graphic designing, We encourage you to come and join us in this hands-on and unique design class.
Instructor: Angela Jones                 
Materials Fee $10


Web Movies
Learn how to combine video, audio, and images into a movie which you can view and play on the internet and your home video player. Work in the Southwestern College Telemedia lab with programs like iPhoto, iTunes, iMovie, iDVD and Soundtrack. Join us and produce your own web movie showcasing work you and your classmates create. 
Instructor: Mercy Arcolas                 
Materials Fee $5


Future Scientists: Can You Please Line Up Here?

NEW! STEM–Seekers (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)
Throughout this course, students will be able to gain insight about STEM related careers.  During the first week students will be focused on the engineering aspect of the Olympics.  They will design, simulate, construct and test out Bobsled models that emulate those used in the Winter Olympics.  During the second week students will focus on the engineering aspect related to electricity.  They will also to construct and test electric models in order to understand how static and current electricity are produced.  After completing this course, students will understand the importance and relevance of STEM to their daily lives as well as for future career choices.
Instructor: Khatereh Keramati                 
Materials Fee $10


Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)
Think you’ve got what it takes to solve crimes like the pros on TV shows?  This course provides you with the expertise you’ll need in order to take and preserve fingerprints, analyze handwriting, collect evidence from a crime scene and even decode encrypted messages.  Students will acquire practical skills in problem solving, critical thinking and STEM-based disciplines while getting a rare glimpse into the mysterious and thrilling world of forensic science.
Instructor: Lincoln Ballard                 
Materials Fee $10


NEW! Chemistry in an Ever-Changing World
Explore the awesome world of chemistry for kids with our wide range of fun experiments, cool science projects, hands-on activities and more!  Students will carry out a variety of chemistry experiments in the laboratory, carefully observing results and making measurements.  They will share, compare, and evaluate their observations and measurements along with the results of their fellow students.  Using this data, propose hypotheses and devise procedures to test these hypotheses.
Instructor: Jimmy Hwang                 
Materials Fee $10


Inside The World of Biology
Are you interested in Biology? Do you want to explore the make-up of cells or learn how human physiology works? Then come learn in this fun and hands-on class. In this class you will explore the inside of fetal pigs; explore cells under the microscope, the human circulatory system and everything in between. So if you’re interested in the study of LIFE and the changes that take place with and around all living things, then this is the class for you.
Instructor: Greg Sullivan                 
Materials Fee $10


Fun With Numbers

Math and Magic
Do you like the mystery of magic? What about the numbers in math? Well let’s combine the two. Come join us in this unique class, where you will learn skills to help you to improve your math skills as well as learn some tricks that will have you dazzle your family and friends. Math and Magic is a hands-on class that will increase your knowledge of math through creative and fun ways.
Instructor: Scott Raymo                 
No Materials Fee