Session I and II: 2-Week Workshops
All room numbers will be listed on the confirmation letters. Due to usage of specialized facilities, workshops are scheduled in rooms across campus. All CFK instructors have undergone live scan fingerprinting with background checks.

Dabbling in the Arts

NEW! Expressionist Yourself! The Elements of Art are Within You
Come create your own expressionist art through drawing, painting, sculpture and photography. Learn how to apply the elements of art and principles of design not only to your art works but also to other disciplines.  Learn how to use great art apps as a form of expression.  So if you’re interested in expressing yourself through art, then this class is for you!  
Instructor: Sarah Taraz
Material Fee $10


Pottery Making
Pinch, pull, coil and slab! Have messy fun transforming a lump of raw clay into mice, birds, or rhinos or make a bowl or personalized mug for a family member. This course features techniques used in ceramics to make glazed pottery.  All works will be fired by the instructor.
Instructor: Carrol Fleming
Material Fee $10


Musical Theater Camp
Calling all Actors and Singers! Come join our diverse performance class that will master your performing arts skills in daily acting, dance and vocal workshops. This program is specifically created to challenge and promote each student’s unique growth in creativity and expression. Students will learn to create scripts, scenes, props and actions for plays that they will perform.
Instructor: Laura Hodge
No Material Fee


NEW! Cultural Art - Second Session Only
The Cultural Art course will explore art forms from a few different cultures.  Learn about what each art piece was used for and how to create it.  Everyone will be able to create their own art pieces to take home.  Create a dream painting like the aborigines of Australia, Ukrainian Pysanky eggs and create a coiled basket inspired by Native Americans.  
Instructor: Brandie Keaveny
Material Fee $10


Young Writers Academy
Do you love telling stories and let your imagination run wild?  Then this class is for you!  Unleash your inner author to create your own original work in varying genres from short stories to poetry, to comics, and more.  You’ll leave the program with your own hardbound masterpiece! Prospective students should be self-directed and able to write and type for sustained periods of time on a standard computer keyboard.              
Instructor: Caroline Collins
Material Fee $5


The Tech Age

New! Introduction to Computer Assisted Design and 3D Manufacturing
This class introduces the students to the field of Computer Assisted Design and Drafting. Students will receive an overview of how CAD is used in a variety of disciplines and its roll in the engineering disciplines and product production.  Come and learn the introduction to three-dimensional solid modeling and the manufacturing process.
Instructor: Fernando Estrella                  
Material Fee $10


New! Beginning Computer Keyboarding I
Nowadays everything involves a computer and a keyboard, learning all the functions of a keyboard is vital.  This will teach you the ins and outs of proper keyboarding.  Learn how to type correctly, keyboarding positioning, technique, theory and safety.  So if you ever wanted to learn how to type or get better at keyboarding then this is the class for you.
Instructor: Alicia Rodriguez                 
No Material Fee


Web Movies
Learn how to combine video, audio, and images into a movie which you can view and play on the internet and your home video player. Work in the Southwestern College media lab with programs like iPhoto, iTunes, iMovie, iDVD and Soundtrack. Join us and produce your own web movie showcasing work you and your classmates create. 
Instructor: Mercy Arcolas                 
Material Fee $10


NEW!  3D Game Textures with Photoshop
Do you want to work for a video gaming company? Learn how to make the foundational textures that every game developer needs to know. In this course you will use Photoshop to create realistic metal fills for sci-fi wall panels and robot bodies; tiling brick patterns for urban settings; and dragon scales! This is where it all starts! 
Instructor: Angela Jones                
Material Fee $5


Digital Photography
Smile : )  Through this course students will learn the basic use of a digital camera, the photo process and design techniques through Photoshop.  This course is designed to promote student activity through photographic and technical skills that are used in the field of today’s professional photographers and designers.  You will need a camera with a memory card on the first day.  A point and shoot camera is fine.  No phone cameras, please! 
Instructor: Jessica Austin                
Material Fee $10


NEW!  Video Production for Kids
Would you like to be a producer?  Do you want to make short films?  Then come join this fast paced and exciting class. Students will learn how to use video cameras and editing software to make short videos.  You will be able to create everything from action films to comedies.  So if you would like to express yourself through film then join our video production class.  Video cameras required.
Instructor: Mark Sisson                 
Material Fee $10


Future Scientists: Please Line Up Here?

NEW! STEM–From Cells to Ecosystems: Understanding life in our planet
Come and explore the wonders of life from the smallest organisms to the biggest mammals.  This course will cover fundamental principles of biology such as cell structure, cell cycle, genetics, evolution and ecosystems.  Students will also understand the basics of the scientific method and its application to biological sciences.
Instructor: Saul Alarcon Farfan               
Material Fee $10


Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)
Think you’ve got what it takes to solve crimes like the pros on TV shows?  This course provides you with the expertise you’ll need in order to take and preserve fingerprints, analyze handwriting, collect evidence from a crime scene and even decode encrypted messages.  Students will acquire practical skills in problem solving, critical thinking and STEM-based disciplines while getting a rare glimpse into the mysterious and thrilling world of forensic science.
Instructor: Lincoln Ballard                 
Material Fee $10


NEW!  Homes for the Homeless
San Diego has the 3rd largest homeless population in the U.S. 13% of that population is under the age of 18. Interested in helping those in need?  Through the study of pavilion architecture, students will design and build temporary, lightweight, weather-resistant, transportable shelter for the homeless in our community.
Instructor: Diana De La Torre                 
Material Fee $10