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The mission of the School of Business, Professional & Technical Education is to establish in our graduates a strong foundation of skills, an attitude of service, and a strong sense of business ethics as well as to offer the community excellent programs that prepare students for careers in the dynamic and increasingly global and technical business environment.

Our School offers programs in three primary departments:
• Business Administration and Accounting
• Computer Information Systems, Electronics, and Computer Aided Design
• Office Information Systems—Medical, Legal, and General Business Office Skills

These diverse areas offer programs in Accounting, Business Management, International Business, Finance, Paralegal Studies, Spanish/English Legal Interpretation and Translation, Computer Information Systems, Programming, Web Design and Graphics, Web Storefront Development, eCommerce, eBusiness, Internetwork Technician / Administration, Electronics Technician / Administration, Computer Aided Design, Travel and Tourism, Culinary Arts, and Medical, Legal, and General Business Office Skills Training. In addition to the many courses/programs taught on campus, a number of these are also taught online.

Our School promotes student internships in several programs to allow students to gain experience, to network within their field, and to develop an understanding of what employers will require as they get into the workforce. We take pride in the fact that our graduates and student interns are employed in both public and private technical, legal, medical, and business organizations throughout San Diego County.

The School of Business, Professional & Technical Education welcomes you and asks you to take the challenge of preparing for a career in one of the many programs we offer. You can reach us at (619) 482-6457. We look forward to including you as a student in our School.

Acting Dean
Terry Davis