Certificate & Degrees

SWC Biotechnology Program Overview

The SWC Biotechnology Program offers four academic tracks designed to develop a marketable skill set that prepares students for careers in biotechnology.

  • Technical Certificate
    Provides training in the theory and practices of biotechnology which include introduction to microbiology, cell biology, and molecular biology techniques.
  • Associate in Science Degree
    Qualifies students for entry-level positions in biotechnology research laboratories and augments student transfer preparation.
  • Transfer Track (to Four-Year University or College)
    Extensively prepares students for further undergraduate study of Biotechnology at a four-year institution.
  • Parallel Track
    Designed for students currently enrolled at a four-year institution and majoring in molecular biology or genetics.

Industry Endorsement

  • Industry representatives have affirmed that they would hire students trained at the Biotechnology Program at Southwestern College.
  • Industry representatives strongly recommend the Biotechnology Program at Southwestern College to students considering a career in biotechnology or colleagues seeking individuals for entry level positions.

Marketable Skill Set Gained by SWC Biotechnology Students

  • Basic laboratory skills
    • record keeping & documentation skills
    • inventory
    • orders
  • Teaching assistantship experience
  • Internship experience
  • Communication skills including writing & presentation skills
  • Interpersonal skills
    • working effectively alone
    • working with a partner
    • working as a member of a team
  • Organization skills
    • attention to detail
    • troubleshooting ability
    • time management
  • Resume writing & interview skills