Biotechnology at SWC

Biotechnology at Southwestern College

The Biotechnology Program at Southwestern College provides a supportive and diverse atmosphere offering low student-to-faculty ratios and faculty mentoring. All academic pathways provide practical hands-on skills and training and may lead to possible employment and/or successful transfer to four year colleges and universities.

Students may choose one of four academic tracks:

The SWC Biotechnology Program and the BETSI Project were recently recognized as an example of National Science Foundation (NSF), Advanced Technological Education (ATE) successful models from community colleges and ATE programs nationwide.

Our Mission

To assist and guide students as they determine their academic and career goals in biotechnology. Whether it is helping students transfer to another school, guiding students through an Associate's Degree, or finding internships, we plan to be there for them.

Strengths of the Biotechnology Program

  • Technical certification in biotechnology
  • Internship opportunities
  • Lab and teaching assistant opportunities
  • Access to state-of-the-art equipment, supplies and resources
  • Faculty and staff who are knowledgeable and respected by the industry
  • Small class sizes and relaxed atmosphere
  • A supportive and diverse community college environment
  • Access to other technical programs
  • Access to a basic skills support center

Program Success

  • 50% of SWC Biotechnology Program students have received and participated in an industry internship
  • 100% of students participating in an internship either transferred to a 4-year university or are employed in the biotechnology field
  • 64% have completed the Certification track
  • 74% have transferred to a 4-year university, graduated from SWC, or are employed in the field

SWC Biotechnology Program Student History Click to download Adobe Acrobat