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The academic materials listed below focus on study strategies that are proven to increase student success in college. Let us know what you like or if you want information on skills not listed.

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Academic Skills

College Expectations: High School versus College

College Expectations: Parents—How to Talk with and Support Your College Student New!

What to Consider When Choosing Your Professors

Your College Experience: Meet with Your Professors

Time Management

Using Your Learning Strengths and Styles

Effective Vocabulary and Dictionary Strategies New!

Links for Improving Vocabulary New!

Managing Stress

Avoiding Study Traps

Textbook Reading Strategies

Study Skills for Academic Success


woman taking notes in class

How to Analyze the Effectiveness of Your Note-taking Method

Listening and Note-taking

The Note Card Question and Answer Format

Listening and Note-taking Web sites

Memory: Part 1

Memory: Part 2

Overcoming Test Anxiety

Test Preparation and Test-Taking: Objective Tests

Test Preparation and Test-Taking: Essay Tests

Online Success

Photo of a female student working at her computer


Online Course Readiness Survey

Tips for Succeeding in an Online Class

Participating in Online Discussions

Online Reading Strategies

Test Preparation and Test-Taking: Online Tests

Internet Tools


Discipline-Specific Web Resources

These sites emphasize study strategies that are applicable to specific disciplines.


A photo of a male student looking thoughtful; he has a pencil in his hand.English as a Second Language



Discipline-Specific Support Sites

Coming soon!





Mega Web Sites for Learning Skills

Here are some huge web sites with strategies for success in college classes. Once at these sites, you will find many links. Be sure to select those that fit your learning needs.

male grad tipping cap College Study Skills Web Resources


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