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More Tutor Training 
Training for Tough Tutorials: "a multimedia, Web-based series of tutor-training exercises" which includes "digital videos of mock tutorials, faux papers, and interactive elements. http://writing2.richmond.edu/training/tough/index2.html
Tutoring—Improving Your Demonstrating and Explaining: Analysing a task and providing feedback on student performance http://www.itl.usyd.edu.au/Tutoring/study/explaining/index.html

Tutoring—Coping with Problems: When you can't avoid problems have a strategy for dealing with them. http://www.itl.usyd.edu.au/Tutoring/study/problems/index.html


Southwestern College Writing Center Wiki

The Writing Center wiki is a database of grammar and composition websites maintained by our Writing Center tutors and coordinators. Tutors, visit the wiki, add and review links, and refer students to this resource.

 The Dangling Modifier, includes tips, articles, and reviews and provides an excellent opportunity for tutors to publish on their writing center insights and experiences. http://www.ulc.psu.edu/Dangling_Modifier/index.php
Manuals and Handbooks 
Tutor.edu: A Manual for Writing Center Tutors: A great overview of writing centers and tutoring for peer tutors. Includes pages on the tutor/student relationship, different kinds of writers you might encounter (e.g., "clueless," "unfocused") and writing center ethics. http://www.montreat.edu/tutor/