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Effective Textbook Reading Skills

by Jane L. Magrath

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Everyone looks for ways to be more successful. To accomplish this goal, the key is to set up a management plan for completing a lesson or course, check it frequently, and revise when necessary. Jane L. McGrath presents the following plan to approach reading and studying textbook assignments.


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The Reading Cycle

Pre-Reading Strategies
Reading Strategies
Post-Reading Strategies
Steps of the Reading Cycle


 PLAN: Pre-Reading Strategies

• Establish a good physical environment.
• Relax and set a positive attitude.
• Review instructions.
• Review lecture notes.
• Set your purpose.
• Preview the assignment.
• Organize your thoughts.
• Determine what you want to know when you finish reading.

DO: Reading Strategies

• Be actively involved.
• Check your comprehension as you read.
• Restate ideas in your own words.
• Form mental pictures.
• Compare what you are reading to what you know.
• Answer the questions you developed during pre-reading.
• Fix-up your comprehension when needed.
• Define unfamiliar words.
• Keep the problem on hold and hope it will clarify itself.
• Re-read a portion of the text.
• Compare information with notes or another source.
• Ask someone for help.

REVIEW: Post-Reading Strategies

• Consolidate and integrate information.
• Answer questions.
• Test yourself.
• Participate in a study group.
• Space your review over time.
• Decide what else you need to know.


The Steps Explained


Textbook Reading Strategy Explained

The more you know about each stage, the better you will be able to apply it to your studies.


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