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Effective listening and note-taking are skills that are essential to master if you are to be successful in college course work. The information below provides practical information and techniques to help you better understand and remember the content of lectures.

Assess Your Listening Ability

Are You a Good Listener? Take this test from Psychology Today and find out! Then use the tips below to improve your listening ability.

Listening Behaviors Inventory Here's another survey to try and some suggestions for active listening. (Elmhurst College)


Listening Skills: Bad and Good Habits Check out some typical student listening habits . (Salisbury University)

A System for Effective Listening and Note-taking Here's how to follow up and improve on the habit that aren't working. (Salisbury University)

Listening Skills Seven suggestions to improve your listening (University of Minnesota Duluth)

Attention and Listening Excellent strategies to increase attention and listening skills (Muskingum College)

Active Listening Close the annoying window on the left and then read how to improve your listening and avoid misunderstandings. (Mind Tools)

Now Pay Attention: Here's Why You Need Good Listening Skills ( Career Planning)


students taking notesNote-taking Assessment and Tips

Self-Assessment of Your Note-taking Skills Find out what you know about taking lecture notes (Unilearning)

Note-taking Skills Evaluate your present note-taking system (Sweet Briar College)

Why Note-taking Is Important: Purpose, Content, Format Good information about why you need to take notes effectively (California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo)

No-Nonsense Note-taking 15 essential tips (Keene State College)

Note-taking and In-Class Skills More in-class tips (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)

Note-taking: Background, purposes, advantages, and specific strategies (Muskingum College)


student making mind map


Note-taking Formats

Taking Notes from Lectures Getting organized to take notes in class (University of Minnesota Duluth)

Note-taking: 5 Methods Introduces the following methods: Cornell, Outline, Mapping, Charting, and Sentence (California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo)

Template for Cornell Note-taking Notebook Paper Print your own note paper (Readak Educational Services)

Listening, Note-taking, and Using Visual Organizers Good overview for how to incorporate concept mapping into your notes (Bucks County Community College)

Note-taking Using Mind Maps The basics of mapping are shown in this youtube clip.

How to Make a Mind Map The seven basic steps are revealed in another youtube video.

Mind Maps: A Powerful Approach to Note-taking The why and how of mind mapping. Ignore the commercial and focus on how maps work. (Mind Tools)

Note-taking on the Computer

Note-taking on the Computer Excellent information on using your computer for note-taking and research (

Photo of a female student looking at a computer screen

Editing and Reviewing Notes

Editing Lecture Notes What to do when you review your notes after class (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)

The Note Card Question and Answer Format Check out the review format that works the best for retention (SWC)


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