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The study of psychology, as with any of the social sciences, stresses understanding and retention of information about individuals, schools of thought, theories, case studies, journal articles, and research. To be successful, strong overall study straties are essential.

The information available through the following web site links emphasizes general learning approaches as well as strategies particulary important to studies in psychology.

You will find numerous links, so be sure to check each for materials that fit your needs. All are focused on the field of psychology so they will be of direct value to your class.


General Study Strategies for Psychology

Psychology Study Skills This site has a lot of excellent study tips as well as specific learning strategies for studying psychology. (

Improve Your Study Skills for Psychology Tips for success (Westmont College)
Note-taking and Reading Strategies for Psychology Learn how to improve the completeness, accuracy, and recall of psychology lecture notes (Muskingum College)

Information Organization for Psychology Increase retention of information by using more effective organizational strategies (Muskingum College)

Memory and Test Preparation Strategies Specific to Psychology Includes samples test questions (Muskingum College)

Problem Solving and Critical Thinking These skills are essential in the field of psychology. Especially valuable is the information on word problems. (Muskingum College)

Study Tips for Social Psychology (Dordt College)

Writing Psychology Papers

SWC Writing Center Resources

Tips for Writing Psychology Papers Site has annoying ads. (
How to Edit a Psychology Paper (
How to Write a Psychology Critique Paper (
How to Write a Case Study (
How to Write a Psychology Lab Report (
Writing the Empirical Journal Article This site will have much more information so check back for new additions. These are downloads of PDF files. (Psychology Writing Center, University of Washington)
Taking Psychology Tests human head like a tape recorder
Test Tips for Multiple Choice Psychology Exams (
Psychology: Taking a Multiple-Choice Exam (Westmont College)
How to Study for Psychology Tests (
Specific Subjects within Psychology
Psychology-Related Web Links You will find a vast amount of reference material in many areas of the different fields within psychology. (North Iowa Area Community College)
Psychological Tutorials and Demonstrations Links to tutorials in various subjects within psychology (Hanover College)
Internet Resources for Social Sciences: Psychology (WCSU Libraries)

Best of the Web: Psychology Information about the various areas of psychology, as well as background information and resources (Best of the Web)

Psychology Resource Website General psychology links, glossary of terms, and self-quizzes (
Resources for Psychology
Psychology Glossary Confused by the jargon? Enter vocabulary here for clarification. (alleydog.dom)
Resources for Psychology Students General, career, and graduate resources (Athabasca University)
Psych Web This Web site contains lots of psychology-related information for students and teachers of psychology.
Web Resources A photo of a woman's raised arms holding a model of the two sides of the human brain
Center for Psychology Resources
Psychology Resources
APA Use for material related to APA format and electronic references (APA)
Internet Resources for Social Sciences: Psychology A wealth of information at your fingertips (WCSU Libraries)
Professional Organizations
American Psychological Association
Psychology Organizations and Conferences
Index of Psychological Organizations (

Index of Psychological Organizations (

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