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October 9, 2012

Getting Technical Summit

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It’s less than a month away from the Workforce and Economic Development Summit we’re hosting on campus. Getting Technical: Critical Conversations about Today’s and Tomorrow’s Workforce will be held on Nov. 1 from 7:30 – 10:45 a.m. in the Student Union East.

Van Ton-Quinlivan, vice chancellor for workforce and economic development for the California Community College Chancellor’s Office, will serve as the keynote speaker. She will present information on state and federal resources available to merge college curriculum with industry needs. Ton-Quinlivan will pull data from her Doing What Matters website that will allow those attending to access labor market information, help community colleges retool programs to meet workforce needs and improve students’ skills.

The Vice Chancellor’s keynote will be followed by two breakout sessions to allow industry leaders in two of South County’s expanding industries—Health Science and Maritime Technology—to further expand on their workforce needs.

We’ve created a webpage on the college website that gives you a little information on the Vice Chancellor and the panelists. We’re still putting on the finishing touches, but here’s the link: Click on "Reserve your seat now" at the top of the page to register.

Hoping for the Best, Planning for the Worst   

The key issue for Southwestern College on this November’s ballot is Proposition 30.

Our apportionment revenue will be decreased by approximately $4.8 million dollars, this year and permanently, if Prop 30 does not pass.  The most recent polls show 53.5% of likely voters are in favor of Proposition 30, 37.2% are opposed and 9% are undecided.

While a simple majority determines the outcome of this proposition, the margin of error for most polls is at least 5% and we expect voters are just now forming opinions. This means that now is the time to make sure we are informed about what is on the ballot, what is at stake, and that we have communicated this to our community.

Proposition 30 Forum PosterTo help understand both sides of the issue, Political Science Professor Phil Saenz is moderating a forum on Prop. 30 on Tuesday, Oct. 16 from 11 a.m. to noon on the cafeteria patio “Free Speech” area. Here is the lineup for the forum:

  • Speaking in favor of the proposition will be Bill Freeman, President of the San Diego Education Association;
  • Speaking in opposition of Prop. 30 will be Adam Summers, senior policy analyst for Reason Foundation;
  • Posing questions to the two panelists: Michael Smolens, political editor for UT-San Diego and KPBS education reporter Kyla Calvert.

It is sure to be an informative discussion, and will provide all of us with more information to share with our friends and neighbors.

Southwestern College leadership is hoping for the best but planning for the worst. The Vice Presidents have been asked to work with their direct reports on submitting new discretionary budgets that realize a $1 million reduction from the current adopted budget.     

The Budget Committee has drafted a simple table that compares the budget effects of the two scenarios facing us—“pass” or “no pass” of Prop. 30. This table is available on the committee’s SharePoint site.

Additionally, the Budget Committee has drafted a revenue enhancement plan.  The two primary areas emphasized for revenue enhancement are facilities rentals and non-resident fees.  Many other ideas have been brought forward and we are working on these supplemental ideas as well as cost savings plans. 

It is our sincere effort to bring you the latest information as it is being formulated so that you can share your thoughts and ideas along the way.