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Superintendent/President Message

September 17, 2012

Greetings to the Southwestern Faculty, Staff, and Management Team,

Budget Update
Last week the Governing Board passed the 2012-13 budget, which included $79.26 million in expenditures and $77 million in revenue. To address this deficit, the Governing Board reduced district reserves from 7% to 5%. Additional savings were realized through reducing supply budgets and a 5% pay reduction for all employees. Additionally, with our lower FTES target, the college has reduced sections and, correspondingly, the overload and part-time faculty expenditures.

As I mentioned in my Aug. 27 column—and as our adopted budget reflects—our expenses exceed our revenues, and we must correct that imbalance.

The college’s budget committee has reviewed all financial materials as they have become available. Committee members have asked questions that help build their understanding of the economic situation before us. They also have done an outstanding job of representing the concerns they have heard from each of their constituent groups. As part of their work, the budget committee is preparing to release a cost reduction and revenue generation report.

The next few months will be critical in keeping the lines of communication open among all of us as we engage in finding solutions to operate within our budget.

While we have a one-year solution and we have adopted this year’s budget, we must prepare two scenarios to address the results of Proposition 30 after the November election. It will be more critical than ever that everyone stays informed and participates in the conversation that will help us weather this financial storm.

Strategic Plan Coming to Your Office

Strategic Plan 2012-2015 cover
Read the plan (PDF)

Over the next week, all employees will be receiving a copy of Strategic Plan 2012-2015. The brochure reflects the importance this college has placed on the collaborative planning process to guide the future of Southwestern College.

Upon fully opening the brochure, you will see the priorities of fulfilling our mission and strengthening our institution in two distinct areas. I ask that you display the opened document in a prominent place in your classroom or office to serve as a daily reminder of the hard work we all do to serve students and the community.