Sunday, July 5, 2015

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Computer Lab

Computer Lab Room 4424

For information on Open Computer Lab hours, stop by the Student Services office, room 4113, or call (619) 421-6700, extension 4403.

Pay-for-Print information

Students wishing to print from a computer within the Open Computer Lab (4424) or Library (4210) must purchase a Pay-for-Print Card from the Card Management Unit, or use their SWC Student ID Card, in order to do so. The card will have an amount of money specified by the purchaser credited to it.


  • 10 cents for black and white printing
  • 25 cents for color printing
  • $1 for Pay-for-Print Cards

Students can avoid the $1 charge by using their SWC Student ID cards. Students can re-charge their Pay-for-Print or SWC Student ID cards.

Reminder: The labs are intended for your education, not for your recreational use