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The Dental Hygiene Clinic at the Higher Education Center is a teaching facility, therefore, care/treatment is offered only to individuals that meet the appropriate patient criteria for student learning; not all patients will qualify to receive dental hygiene services:

Patients must:
  • Be free of medical or dental conditions that would make treatment hazardous to patient or operator.
  • Have oral and behavioral conditions that are considered acceptable for student learning.
  • Have interest in learning preventive oral hygiene techniques.
  • Cooperate in keeping clinic appointments on time.
The clinic supervisor reserves the right to refuse or discontinue treatment when indicated. For a complete understanding of patient's rights and responsibilities, please refer to the document below.

Initial Screening Appointment

Interested individuals can contact the Dental Hygiene Clinic at (619) 216-6663 to schedule a screening appointment. A thorough health/dental history and a limited soft/hard tissue exam is performed at this time. If dental x-rays are necessary they may also be taken at this time; or if available please bring your x-rays with you. An examination will be performed to determine your oral health status and basic dental hygiene treatment needs. Following the screening appointment, you may be placed on a call list and contacted based on the students' needs.

A more extensive examination, outlining your specific dental hygiene treatment needs may begin at the next appointment. Subsequent appointments will be arranged by the individual dental hygiene student.

Appointment Length

Because services are performed by students, treatment at the Dental Hygiene Clinic will take longer to complete than it would in private practice to allow for the clinical instruction of the students. As a patient, you will receive free, high quality care, as all procedures are evaluated by instructors.

Appointments are usually scheduled 2-3 hours in length and it generally takes more than one appointment to complete your treatment. The time necessary to complete dental hygiene treatment depends on the difficulty of your case and the level of the student's skills.  It is essential to student success and patient care that you are able to stay the length of the entire appointment.

Recare Appointment

At the completion of treatment, you will be advised on how often to have your teeth cleaned (recare appointment). The dental hygiene clinic may or may not be able to accommodate those needs in the future.

You are encouraged to contact the Clinic if you wish to schedule a recare appointment. However, is it recommended to have regular dental checkups with your primary care dental professional to assist in maintaining good oral health.

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