Sunday, July 5, 2015

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Community Partners

Our Current Partners
The Family Resource Center of Southwestern College is honored to collaborate with key community partners to meet its mission and goals. A few of these partners include the following:
  • National City Collaborative
  • San Diego County Office of Education
  • National City Community Development Commission
  • National City Chamber of Commerce
  • National City School District
  • National City Adult Education
  • National City ESL/Community-Based English Tutoring Program
  • San Diego County Public Health Office
  • Sweetwater High School
  • Granger Junior High School
  • National City Family Resource Centers
  • National School District Pre-School Programs
  • Head Start of San Diego
  • South County Career Center
  • National City Library
  • National City Transit
  • Operation Samahan
  • South Bay Community Services Center
In addition, the Family Resource Center works closely with several Parent Education programs and other nonprofit health and social service agencies that are dedicated to meeting the needs of the community.

How We Can Collaborate Together?

The Family Resource Center currently collaborates with partner agencies in 3 ways:

  1. On-Site Services - Partners are invited to use a small counseling office located at the Family Resource Center to provide individual or small group counseling services. This is set up on a rotating basis and at no cost. The purpose of this office space is to give the agency the opportunity to provide easy access to their clients who live in the local area. Partners are encouraged to call the FRC to establish exact dates and times of availability of this space.
  2. Workshops - Schools, agencies or other community groups may wish to invite the Family Resource Center to offer a specific workshop to their clients or staff members. Community agencies may also wish to collaborate with the Family Resource Center to offer a workshop, open to the general public, at the Higher Education Center. When available, child care services may also be included for a small fee.
  3. Sharing of Resources - Our partners support the efforts of the Family Resource Center by helping publicize upcoming events and activities with their clientele. As well, the FRC is happy to post flyers of upcoming activities and share informational brochures about agency services. In addition, the FRC makes referrals to community partners for clients seeking their specific services.