EMT Paramedics

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EMTP 115 PARAMEDIC PREPARATION 1.5 Units Pass/No Pass Only. [Recommended Preparation: EMT 113 and EMT 113L or equivalent; RDG 56 or the equivalent skill level as determined by the Southwestern College Reading Assessment or equivalent.] Prepares the basic emergency medical technician (EMT) to begin paramedic training. Emphasizes review of EMT knowledge, human anatomy and physiology, math calculation, and electrocardiograph (ECG) interpretation. Provides the basic EMT with intensive scenario-based training. Designed to improve student success in paramedic school. [D; CSU]
EMTP 115Sections Offered
Cls No. Crs/Sect No. Time Days Room Instructor #Weeks #Seats
79085 EMTP 115 301 09:30AM-11:20AM T 4409 Egleston,Clinton 8 15*
    11:30AM-03:45PM T 4409      
HIGHER ED CENTER, OTAY MESA - DAY Begins: 6/3/2013 Ends: 7/25/2013 *Open seats as of Monday, June 24, 2013 7:15 AM
EMTP 225 HOSPITAL CLINICAL EXPERIENCE FOR PARAME DICS 2 Units Pass/No Pass only. [Prerequisite: EMTP 201 and EMTP 201L or equivalent. Limitation on Enrollment: Student must complete criminal background check and drug screen prior to clinical experience.] Provides instruction to enhance student's knowledge of emergency care in a clinical setting; opportunity to assist and observe in emergency rooms, as well as other areas of the facility under direct supervision of hospital staff. Takes place in varied shift assignments. [D]
EMTP 225Sections Offered
Cls No. Crs/Sect No. Time Days Room Instructor #Weeks #Seats
79086 EMTP 225 E1 TBA-TBA TBA TBA Egleston,Clinton 9 0*
EXTENSION SITE - DAY Begins: 5/28/2013 Ends: 7/25/2013 Eleven hours 25 minutes to be scheduled per week. *Open seats as of Monday, June 24, 2013 7:15 AM

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