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CIS 101 INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTERS AND INFORMATION PROCESSING 4 Units Fee: $3. [Recommended Preparation: RDG 56 or the equivalent skill level as determined by the Southwestern College Reading Assessment or equivalent.] Covers the application of computerized systems in business organizations, including basic concepts of computer organization, data processing systems, decision support systems, and systems analysis. Emphasizes solving business problems through the use of spreadsheet software as well as hands-on introduction to operating system, Internet browser, word processing, database management, presentation graphics, desktop information management, and BASIC programming software. [D; CSU; UC]
CIS 101Sections Offered
Cls No. Crs/Sect No. Time Days Room Instructor #Weeks #Seats
81709 CIS 101 601 10:00AM-11:05AM TWTH 424 Yamada,Hope 8 4*
    11:15AM-12:20PM TWTH 424      
HYBRID/MAIN CAMPUS - DAY Begins: 6/3/2013 Ends: 7/25/2013 This is a Hybrid course. On-campus meetings and online participation are required. *Open seats as of Monday, June 24, 2013 7:15 AM
CIS 126 ADVANCED FLASH ACTIONSCRIPT 6 Units Fee: $1. [Recommended Preparation: CIS 125 or equivalent.] Advanced course will create an interactive video game and Web site. Duplicate and hide movie clips, test movie objects for collision effects, create interactivity, and control the movie flow. Create reusable code with nested symbols, create variables, initialize and increment their values, and add movie clip scripts to customize instances. Write conditional statements and enable the user to drag several movie clips on the stage by writing one script that applies to multiple nested movie clips. Covers core objectives for industry certification. [D; CSU]
CIS 126Sections Offered
Cls No. Crs/Sect No. Time Days Room Instructor #Weeks #Seats
81698 CIS 126 01 12:00PM-02:35PM MTWTH 223 Kovacic,Rick 8 16*
    02:45PM-05:20PM MTWTH 223      
MAIN CAMPUS - DAY Begins: 6/3/2013 Ends: 7/25/2013 *Open seats as of Monday, June 24, 2013 7:15 AM

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