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MLT 120 CLINICAL MICROBIOLOGY 3 Units Grade only. [Corequisite: MLT 120L. Prerequisite: MLT 90 and 90L or equivalent. Recommended Preparation: RDG 158 or the equivalent skill level as determined by the Southwestern College Reading Assessment or equivalent.] Introduces micro-organisms of medical microbiology with emphasis on the characteristics of clinically significant micro-organisms and their biochemical profile, media for isolation, and identification methods for selected pathogens. Emphasizes identification methods, theories, and techniques used in basic bacteriology, parasitology, virology, and mycology. [D; CSU] [EFFECTIVE FALL 2014: COREQ, PREREQ. Corequisite: MLT 102, MLT 111, and MLT 120L. Prerequisite: MLT 90 and MLT 90L, or equivalent.]
MLT 120 Sections Offered
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84993 MLT 120 76 04:30PM-06:55PM WTH 7216 Redublo,Alberto 11 13*
HIGHER ED CENTER, NATIONAL CITY - EVENING Begins: 3/3/2014 Ends: 5/16/2014 *Open seats as of Friday, April 11, 2014 8:14 AM

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