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ESL 17 COMPARATIVE GRAMMAR/GRAMATICA COMPARATI VA 3 Units Pass/No Pass only. Taught primarily in Spanish at the beginning moving towards more English by the end of the course. Compares and contrasts different aspects of English and Spanish grammar, such as syntax, parts of speech, cognates, false cognates, prepositions, infinitives, and gerunds. Can be taken concurrently with any other core English as a Second Language courses. [ND]
ESL 17 Sections Offered
Cls No. Crs/Sect No. Time Days Room Instructor #Weeks #Seats
84515 ESL 17 01 08:00AM-09:15AM MW 411B Perez,Jorge 19 3*
MAIN CAMPUS - DAY Begins: 1/21/2014 Ends: 5/30/2014 *Open seats as of Friday, April 11, 2014 8:14 AM

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