CS 257 MAKE EXTRA INCOME AS A WHOLESALE AUTO DEALER FROM HOME Fee: $85 Come learn how to supplement your income by buying and selling wholesale cars as a home-based business. Purchase your favorite vehicles and get huge discounts. You will learn six techniques that create money and cash flow. Learn how to get your auto dealer license in 15 days. Find out how and where to buy below wholesale prices and how to sell at retail prices. You will get a free list of 300+ dealer-only auctions in the USA where automobiles are sold below wholesale. This class is DMV approved. You will receive a DMV certificate of completion after you complete and pass the class exam. Benefits of a dealer license include dealer plates for vehicles that can be used for business and pleasure, auto parts and service at wholesale prices and sales tax exempt, ability to travel and do business in every state, import and export opportunities, and tax deductions.
CS 257 Sections Offered
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  CS 257 60 06:00PM-09:30PM WTH 1620 Staff 1 CALL
MAIN CAMPUS - EVENING Begins: 6/18/2014 Ends: 6/19/2014 *Open seats as of Tuesday, May 27, 2014 4:25 PM

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