CS 253 JAPANESE IKEBANA FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS-- RISING FORM (ROUND) Fee: $35 Introduction to Japanese Ikebana (flowers kept alive) floral arrangementsrising form. The rising form expresses the beauty of the rising appearances of the materials that are grouped at the center of the container. The course will explore principles and techniques of Ikebana, distinguish Ikebana from simpler decorative approaches, and help the students to develop the aesthetics to appreciate its asymmetrical form and use of "empty" space as an essential feature of composition. Japanese Ikebana floral arranging is a challenging and enjoyable western art form. Low-round containers will be used.
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  CS 253 50 08:30AM-11:30AM S 1801 Staff 1 CALL
MAIN CAMPUS - SATURDAY Begins: 6/21/2014 Ends: 6/21/2014 *Open seats as of Tuesday, May 27, 2014 4:25 PM

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