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BUS 36 LEGAL OFFICE ASSISTANT---BILINGUAL (ENGLISH/SPANISH) 12 Units Fee: $3. [Corequisite: BUS 290. Recommended Preparation: RDG 56 or the equivalent skill level as determined by the Southwestern College Reading Assessment or equivalent.] Prepares students to work in a legal bilingual (English/Spanish) office setting in an entry-level position. Emphasizes the development of skills in business English, filing, keyboarding, legal terminology (English/Spanish), Microsoft Office software applications, and legal office procedures. This course will be taught in both English and Spanish. Covers content of classes including BUS 70, 200A, 223, 229 and CIS 121B. [D]
BUS 36 Sections Offered
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83669 BUS 36 80 01:30PM-03:40PM MTWTH 5201 Soler-McElwain,Luz 19 3*
    03:50PM-05:20PM MTWTH 5201      
SAN YSIDRO ED. CTR, SAN YSIDRO - DAY Begins: 1/21/2014 Ends: 5/30/2014 *Open seats as of Friday, April 11, 2014 8:14 AM

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