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Credit and Non-Credit Courses held at Crown Cove

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EMT 10 EMT REFRESHER 1 Unit Pass/No Pass only. [Limitation on Enrollment: Holds a current EMT certificate or has held certificate within last 48 months.] Meets or exceeds county and state requirements for biennial EMT-I refresher training. [ND]
EMT 10 Sections Offered
Cls No. Crs/Sect No. Time Days Room Instructor #Weeks #Seats
88074 EMT 10 350 08:00AM-01:50PM SU CCAC   2 17*
    02:00PM-04:50PM SU CCAC      
Begins: 10/18/2014 Ends: 10/25/2014
Skills testing available on 10/26/14 at Crown Cove Aquatic Center.
*Open seats as of Monday, October 13, 2014 8:01 AM
90302 EMT 10 351 08:00AM-04:50PM SU CCAC Cawthon,Dane 2 24*
Begins: 12/6/2014 Ends: 12/9/2014
*Open seats as of Monday, October 13, 2014 8:01 AM
NC 40 BASIC FIRST AID AND ADULT CPR 0 Units No Credit. Lecture 5 hours, laboratory 3 hours. Designed to prepare individuals to recognize and treat injuries and sudden illnesses. Meets the requirements for basic first aid and adult CPR in the workplace. [ND]
ES/A 112 STAND UP PADDLING - BEGINNER 1 Unit Grade only. [Prerequisite: Demonstrated swimming proficiency.] Introduces basic paddling techniques for the beginning stages of stand up paddling. Includes instruction and activities for equipment selection, paddling techniques, and safety skills for beginning participants. [D; CSU; UC] [EFFECTIVE FALL 2014: UNITS, LECTURE.]
ES/A 113 STAND UP PADDLING - INTERMEDIATE 1 Unit [Prerequisite: ES/A 112 or equivalent.] Explores progressive paddling techniques to increase distance in intermediate stand up paddling. Emphasizes instruction and activities for long distance paddling, stamina, strength building, and endurance skills. [D; CSU; UC] [EFFECTIVE FALL 2014: UNITS, LECTURE.]
ES/A 114 STAND UP PADDLING - ADVANCED 1 Unit Grade only. [Prerequisite: ES/A 113 or equivalent.] Provides advanced stand up paddle instruction in ocean conditions. Includes beach entry and exit, wave riding, and predicting ocean currents. [D; CSU; UC] [EFFECTIVE FALL 2014: UNITS, LECTURE.]
EMT 125 WILDERNESS FIRST RESPONDER 4 Units Grade only. Provides curriculum consistent with U.S. Department of Transportation first responder guidelines. Emphasizes medical care of the sick and injured while operating in extreme environments, using improvised equipment and managing delayed or prolonged evacuations. Optional certification is available through Wilderness Medical Associates (WMA). [D; CSU]
ES/A 195 INTRODUCTION TO OUTRIGGER CANOE 1 Unit Grade only. Introduces course teaching on the cultural aspects of Hawaiian outrigger, the basic forward Hawaiian outrigger canoe stroke, boating, and personal water safety. [D; CSU; UC]
ES/A 196 BEGINNING OUTRIGGER CANOE 1 Unit Grade only. [Prerequisite: ES/A 195 or equivalent.] Explores the history and traditions of Hawaiian outrigger canoe. Provides additional paddling strokes for Regatta style racing, teamwork, and communication, including competitive strategies for the beginning student. [D; CSU; UC]
ES/A 197 INTERMEDIATE OUTRIGGER CANOE 1 Unit Grade only. [Prerequisite: ES/A 196 or equivalent.] Provides intermediate instruction in the paddling strokes necessary for steering an outrigger canoe. Teaches Helmsmanship responsibilities, review of canoe rigging, maintenance, boating and personal water safety, teamwork, and communication as well as competitive strategies. [D; CSU; UC]
ES/A 198 ADVANCED OUTRIGGER CANOE 1 Unit Grade only. [Prerequisite: ES/A 197 or equivalent.] Prepares student for the competitive team sport of outrigger canoeing. Emphasizes improving technique in all outrigger canoe paddle strokes, helmsmanship, teamwork, and physical fitness. [D; CSU; UC]
ES/A 223 BEGINNING SAILING 1 Unit Grade only. [Prerequisite: Demonstrated swimming proficiency. Recommended Preparation: ES/A 157 or equivalent.] Introduces beginning sailing concepts for the first-time sailor. Covers safety afloat, self-rescue, man-overboard, basic rigging, boat handling, rules of the road, and sailing nomenclature. [D; CSU; UC]
ES/A 224 INTERMEDIATE SAILING 1 Unit Grade only. [Prerequisite: ES/A 223 or equivalent.] Provides additional skills to the novice sailor seeking intermediate-level experience. Includes swimming weather and safety skills, self-rescue, signals, and boating safety and handling skills. Covers basic rules of the road, sportsmanship, and sailing courtesy. [D; CSU; UC]
ES/A 225 ADVANCED SAILING 1 Unit Grade only. [Prerequisite: ES/A 224 or equivalent.] Explores advanced-level skills for the intermediate sailor seeking experience in beginning racing, rules of the road communication, crew duties, boating safety, race rules, and bay and blue water sailing. [D; CSU; UC]
ES/A 226A KEELBOAT SAILING LEVEL I 1 Unit [Prerequisite: ES/A 225 or equivalent.] Designed for the first-time keelboat sailor. Introduces basic boat handling, points of sail, safety afloat, wind direction, rules of the road, and sailing nomenclature. [D; CSU; UC]
ES/A 226B KEELBOAT SAILING LEVEL II 1 Unit Grade Only. [Prerequisite: ES/A 226A or equivalent.] Covers a comprehensive review of knowledge and performance skills learned in Keelboat Level I. Includes VHF radio for emergencies, docking, picking up a mooring ball, reefing, heaving to, anchoring, nomenclature, advanced rules of the road and fine tuning sails for faster speeds. [D; CSU; UC]
ES/A 226C KEELBOAT SAILING LEVEL III 1 Unit Grade only. [Prerequisite: ES/A 226B or equivalent.] Covers a comprehensive review of knowledge and performance skills learned in Keelboat Sailing Level I and II. Includes the difference between true and apparent wind, figure-8 recovery of man overboard drill, chart reading, basic navigation, spinnaker flying, racing rules and tactics. Includes currents, tides, navigational aides and GPS devices. [D; CSU; UC]
ES/A 231 SEA KAYAKING I 1 Unit Grade only. [Prerequisite: Demonstrated swimming proficiency. Recommended Preparation: ES/A 156 or equivalent.] Introduces kayak paddling techniques, operation of single and double boats, basic safety, self-rescue, and physical training. Involves gentle tours in a bay and sloughs with emphasis on conditioning with secondary purposes such as bird watching, photography, and the marine environment. [D; CSU; UC]
ES/A 232 SEA KAYAKING II 1 Unit Grade only. [Prerequisite: ES/A 231 or demonstrated swimming proficiency. Recommended Preparation: Marine aquatic activities.] Explores more challenging aspects of kayaking in populated waters with currents into three knots. Reviews paddle strokes, turns, bracing, rafting, rules of the road, safety considerations in longer trips, and offshore paddling including surf entries and exits. [D; CSU; UC]
ES/A 238 BEGINNING SURFING 1 Unit [Prerequisite: Demonstrated swimming proficiency.] Covers beginning knowledge in board design, fin systems, and surf etiquette. Teaches how to determine surf conditions using tides, wind direction, and swells. Includes beginning-level instruction on surfing, paddling out to the lineup, and riding the face of the wave. [D; CSU]
ES/A 239 INTERMEDIATE SURFING 1 Unit [Prerequisite: ES/A 238 or equivalent.] Provides instruction and activities in intermediate surfing to include wave anatomy, types of waves, surf breaks along with the basics of wind and ground swells. Includes surfboard history, board design, evolution of board design, and how to gain speed on a wave and perform maneuvers. [D; CSU]
ES/A 240 ADVANCED SURFING 1 Unit [Prerequisite: ES/A 239 or equivalent.] Explores instruction and activities in advanced surfing. Covers wind and ground swells, safe use of equipment, self-rescue, and wave selection for the advanced surfer. [D; CSU]
NC 1007 CPR FOR THE PROFESSIONAL RESCUER 0 Units No Credit. Lecture 4 hours, laboratory 5 hours. Provides the professional rescuer with the knowledge and skills to provide Basic Life Support (BLS) to a victim in an emergency. Necessary for anyone wishing to become a BLS instructor; follows the guidelines of both the American Red Cross and the American Heart Association. [ND]
NC 1022 PEDIATRIC BASIC LIFE SUPPORT AND FIRST AID 0 Units No Credit. Lecture 4 hours, laboratory 4 hours. Provides individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to prevent, recognize, and provide basic care for respiratory, cardiac and first aid emergencies in children and infants. Follows the American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS) and First Aid guidelines. (Formerly NC 51J.)[ND]
NC 1039 BASIC LIFE SUPPORT (BLS) INSTRUCTOR 0 Units No Credit. Lecture 12 hours, laboratory 4 hours. Designed to advance the Basic Life Support (BLS) provider to the position of instructor. Teaches the instructor candidate the components and delivery of cognitive and psychomotor skills training used for BLS training. [ND]

Total Courses: 24 Total Sections: 2

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