Monday, July 6, 2015

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Admission to the Program:

  • Applications are accepted after posted dates only and will be accepted until the class is full. A checklist of requirements is listed below, or you may request information in person, by phone, or you can E-mail your request. The checklist will help you prepare your application. After the application period opens, complete applications are accepted in person only. Available seats in the class are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  • Your application must be complete with the following exceptions only:
    A&P in progress - proof of this requirement can be met by submitting a copy of your registration receipt. You will not be "guaranteed" a seat in the class until transcript of completion is received, regardless of date of application.
  • Pretests scheduled (see pretest instructions for more information)


  • One year FULL TIME EMT-1 (basic) work experience in the PREHOSPITAL setting.  Your EMT experience must be documented in writing from your employer. Prehospital means first responder, (life guard, firefighter, ski patrol) or ambulance (interfacility or 911). Employment as an EMT in a clinical setting (hospital, military, clinic, etc.) will not apply toward this prerequisite. If you have worked for several years on a part time basis, you need to document a total of at least 2000 hours (40 hr/week X 50 weeks) which is equivalent to one year full time work. The year must be competed before the first day of program applied for.
  • Anatomy & Physiology college level - 4 unit class (with lab). Grade "C" or better. A college level physiology class is recommended.
  • Medical Terminology college level. Grade "C" or better Medical terminology study guide outline
  • Reading (eligible for English 158)
  • Math :
    College math placement exam minimum score "eligible for Math 45"
    Decimal, fraction and metric system competency (pretest)
    Download printer-friendly - Math practice test
  • Current EMT-1 card (California or National Registry)
  • Current CPR card
  • Valid California Ambulance Driver's License & Medical Examiner's Certificate OR Report of Physical Exam AND Background check (fingerprint report from Department of Justice)