Tuesday, July 7, 2015

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Marine Safety Service

Marine Safety Service (MSS) is a program designed to help the student acquire or maintain certification as a professional rescuer. Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) are provided where appropriate.
  • Careers in Marine Safety Service takes the student to 4 local beaches to experience the roles and responsibilities of ocean lifeguards. It is an introductory sixteen-hour course presented over a six-week period.

  • Emergency Response Refresher is a sixteen-hour course that meets the requirements to renew First Responder certification. It is offered 3 times in the spring, yearly.

  • Emergency Medical Technician Refresher is a twenty four-hour course that offers continuing education to the already certified EMT. It meets the requirements for re-certification in San Diego County. It is offered in the spring, yearly.

  • Swift Water Rescue Awareness is a dynamic introduction to moving water and potential hazards in those rescue situations. This four-hour course is held at Knott’s Soak City and is open to currently working professional rescuers only. It is offered in the fall, yearly.

  • Esophageal Tracheal Airway Device/AED is the combitube and automated external defibrillation class. The basic course is sixteen-hours with an additional eight hours of quarterly updates. It is offered twice yearly in summer and spring. Continuing education units are available.

  • Fundamentals of Instructor Training is a required six-hour course for the student preparing to be a Red Cross instructor. It covers paper processing for the Red Cross and other pertinent instructor information. It is offered twice, yearly.

  • Lifeguard Training is a thirty-six hour course providing training in pool lifeguarding. The first and last meetings are at the pool at Southwestern and the remainder at the Crown Cove Aquatic Center. Additional classes are recommended including Professional Rescuer CPR, First Aid for Public Safety Personnel: Title 22 and Oxygen Administration for the Professional Rescuer. Certification is through the American Red Cross. It is offered three times, yearly.

  • Professional Rescuer CPR is a nine-hour course covering adult, child and infant CPR and foreign body airway obstruction with a water rescue focus. It is recommended for swimming instructors, lifeguards and maritime personnel.