Saturday, July 4, 2015

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What industries/disciplines employ individuals with CAD skills?
Listed below is a partial list of industries that employ CAD literate individuals. Work or educational background in the specific discipline is always a bonus.

Architectural Mechanical Civil
Aerospace Mapping Jig & Fixture Design
Kitchen design Product design Multimedia
Garment design Circuit board design City planning
Patent design Toy design Crime scene creation
Automotive design Gaming Robotics

How much can I expect to earn at my first job?
The chart below illustrates annual salaries for CAD technicians with an AA degree for certificate obtained from a local college.


          No experience

 Experience in discipline

Starting Salary Range

 $20-$30 annually

 $25-$35 annually

After one year

 $25-$35 annually

 $35-$40 annually

After five years

 $45-55 annually

 $45-$55 annually

B.A. degree + Certificate    

Starting Salary Range

 $45-$55 annually

 $50-S55 annually

Does Southwestern College offer Certificates or AA degrees in CAD?
Yes, Southwestern College offers Basic, Advanced and AA degrees in CAD.

How long does it take to obtain a Certificate or AA degree?
A Basic certificate can be obtained in as little as one year. The Advanced Certificate or AA degree require anywhere from 1 ½  to two years.

Do I need a four- year degree to become employed in an engineering discipline?
No! There is no doubt you will make more money if you have a four-year degree. However, companies are well aware of the fact that employees with an AA degree or certificate cost the company less and after some on the job training are capable of completing many of the engineer’s tasks.